“Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” Zhao Liying “has a temper” is “more radiant”-Hong Kong Bauhinia Net

Original title: In “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes”, the “tempered” Zhao Liying is “more radiant”

The reality-themed TV series “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” released the trailer of “He Happily Ever After” and the poster of “Welcome to the Dawn with a Smile”, and officially announced that it will be released on Youku and other platforms on June 29.

“Happiness to Ten Thousand Family” tells the story of a rural girl, He Xingfu, who has grown up after multiple tests of career, marriage, love and family. She moved from the countryside to the city, and then returned to the countryside from the city, and finally led Wanjiazhuang to realize material and spiritual civilization. , Inspirational stories of rule of law civilization and ecological civilization.

The announcement of the final release started with He Xingfu (played by Zhao Liying), the new daughter-in-law of the old Wang family in Wanjiazhuang, kicking open the door of the wedding, “marriage conflicts”, “land disputes”, “personal injuries”… a troublesome incident, But “everything has to be reasonable.” He Xingfu knocked on the door of Wanshantang, the party secretary of Wanjiazhuang Village, again and again, just to ask for an explanation, right or wrong. The old Wang family, who used to hide when they saw things and let them go, gradually recognized this “tempered daughter-in-law”, and Wan Zhishu also sighed, “You are really the first to make me bow my head and admit my mistakes.”

The play focuses on the heroine He Xingfu’s personal growth in the process of pursuing fairness and justice, seeking reason and law, and interprets the power of women in the new era. When she married Wanjiazhuang for the first time, she bravely broke the vulgar custom of “marriage” and insisted on “asking for an explanation”; after working in the city, she was willing to endure hardship, love learning, and constantly integrate into urban life; in the end, she returned to the countryside and actively participated in the construction of her hometown It has contributed to the revitalization of the rural economy and the construction of rural civilization, the construction of legal civilization, and the construction of ecological civilization.

“Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” is the second collaboration between directors Zheng Xiaolong and Zhao Liying after “Golden Wedding” in 15 years. From the young girl Tong Duoduo in “Golden Wedding” to He Xingfu, a new rural woman in “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes”, Zhao Liying’s progress in performance is obvious to all; and director Zheng Xiaolong created “The Legend of Zhen Huan” after “Golden Wedding” “, “Red Sorghum”, “Emergency Physician”, and “Meritorious Merit” are also diverse in subject matter and received both ratings and word-of-mouth. Directed by Zheng Xiaolong and performed by Zhao Liying, the series will present an inspirational story that echoes the growth of new women and the vigorous revitalization of the new countryside, touching the audience with real reality and full of humanity.

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