happy beauty queen used to be unable to walk But was able to walk after two injections of the crossover vaccine.

happy beauty queen used to be unable to walk But came back to walk after two injections of cross-formula vaccination. Doctors believe because of encouragement.

Today (30 November 2021), staff from Nong Khwao Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Tha Tako District, Nakhon Sawan Province, and villagers joined in congratulating Ms. Thepharak, 57 years old, weighing 103 kg. The patient has been bedridden for about 3 years due to her birth. a bicycle accident and also a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure until unable to get up and walk or sit Whenever you want to eat or lie down, you have to sit face down, crawl, and sit up. There will be symptoms similar to a shock on the back. until the government has to issue a card to be a disabled person, but it appears that at the end of October I have been given a cross 2 needle vaccination and after that. Makes me want to get up and walk until gradually trying for more than 10 days, so get up and walk normally. make me feel very happy I did not expect that this life will come back to live the same life again.

The beauty queen said that during the 3 years of being ill, she never thought of relying on anything sacred. But he was saddened as to why it had to be so unfortunate. When he returned to walk, he was able to live his life as usual. I personally believe that It was caused by crossed two injections of COVID-19 vaccine, with the first injection of Sinovac. In mid-September and 2 Astra needles in mid-October Because it makes the leg muscles that used to be hard and can’t bend, become weak and flexible. Therefore, he would like to thank the staff from Nong Khwao Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital. caring and persuaded him to go vaccinate until he was able to Because in the past, he was very afraid of vaccination.

The reporter asked the director of the Nong Khwao Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Tha Tako District. still can’t prove that the vaccine has the effect of making the patient walk But part of it may be due to encouragement. of the patient This is considered a joyful thing for the patient and his family. By Ms. Thiphawan Inkham, Volunteer, Village No. 5, and her friends, Volunteers have to take special care of this patient for almost 3 years, whether they take him to the hospital or follow a doctor’s appointment. had to let the beauty queen sleep in the back of the pickup truck to take her Because the beauty queen can’t sit in normal seats or wheelchairs. coupled with the past There was a campaign for vaccination. Continue to prevent covid disease. She tried to persuade the beauty queen to vaccinate until she got 2 injections last October. They and the staff were very happy. to see the beauty queen come back to life as usual


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