happy girl post “Grandma Marasri” received plaque, 100 years old, excellent health.

Makes the fans unable to help smiling like never before Aoi Chirawadee Isarangkun And Ayutthaya Daughter of an older actor, 100 years old. Marasri Israngkun And Ayutthaya or “Grandma Marari” Posted a clip to invite the mother to dance light steps that looks very strong or always doing activities Although my mother is over a hundred years old, my heart is over a hundred.

This event made people in the entertainment industry and fans. Come in and comment a lot on cute moms and kids.

Recently, there is a very happy story. For the health and strength of the grandmother because her daughter posted via Instagram that “Thailand Elderly Association under the royal patronage of Somdej Phra Srinakarin Dr Boromrajonani presented an award plaque to Mother Marasri Israngkun Na Ayuthaya, who is 100 years old and older who has maintained excellent health. I must thank you on behalf of your mother.”

In the past, for people who like watching movies and watching dramas He would have known the actors and voice actors for hundreds of movies and dramas of this Elder. Nain has been a voice actor since the 16 mm film until the 35 mm era, often dubbing with “Rujira” or ML Ruchira Israngkun, until she is known as a dub duo that is greatly admired. And later, they became a couple in real life. With a commitment to creating works for more than 40-50 years, Nain “Marasri Israngkun Na Ayuthaya” was chosen as a national artist in 1999.

However, even though the days and nights of her life were over a hundred, “Grandma Marasri” did what shocked even the young people. Entertainment Kom Chad Luek Congratulations to Nain for the Thai entertainment industry. Received the title “Artist of the Five Lands”.

As for the stage play that made Marsri the most famous, it was the stage play “Wanida” (1943) from the script ‘Wannasiri’, which was the first actress to play the role of “Wanida Wongwiboon”, a young woman who was ordered by her father, married Major Prajak Mahasak, a cavalry officer who had to take the fate of his brother who owed him a loan from Mr. Dao, Wanida’s father, until he almost had to file for bankruptcy Major Prajak and Wanida’s lives are in turmoil. Especially on the side of Major Prajak, who had a fiancé, it was good that Wanida had a strong spirit in trying to find out the facts. To refute the stigma of her grandmother is “Khunying Montha” who was slandered by Khun Nai Nom, Major Prajak’s mother that she had an adulterous affair. until having to leave Mahasak’s house with Major Prajak helping with a fair heart

and performed in a variety of stage plays such as Wanta Maria, Lan Asoke, Mrs. Boonchaibap, Khunying Phuangkhae, etc.

When the stage play waned in popularity So he changed from a stage actor to an actor in film. and later TV series Both are lead actors, heroines, villains and supporting actors.

Marasri Israngkun Na Ayudhya received many awards such as

Golden Suphannahong Award Best Supporting Actress Category From the movie Ooty (1986)

National Artist Award for Performing Arts films and plays Actor-Voice Actor (1999)

Golden Television Awards Honorary Award for TV People (2005)

before taking a break from acting in mid-2012 due to his advancing age and health Total period of working in the industry for a total of 73 years, which can be considered as One of the most active actresses in Thailand.

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