Happy octopus trader wins 6 million lottery tickets

I’m so happy I can’t hold it Grilled squid Merchant wins a big lottery prize

South China Morning Post website reports of the merchant selling grilled squid inChinaOut of extreme joy to the point of destroying his own shop afterhe won the lotteryreceived a prize of more than 1 million yuan, or about 5.5 million baht, while this clip was shared untilviral And there are many netizens to criticize each other.

The video, shared on Weibo and Douyin platforms, shows a vendor selling squid stalls at a night market in Hong Kong.Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province got up and jumped and shouted with joy, “I won 30 million yuan in the lottery, just buy 1000 yuan or about 5000 baht, I won the 1st prize!!!” The merchant then expressed his satisfaction by overturning the table. and he picked up a yellow chair and threw it at the sign of his shop

According to local media reports, This lucky squid trader won one of the three grand prizes of the Super Lotto held on May 13. with a total prize value of 25.74 million yuan or about 127 million baht

However, the squid trader surnamed Xiao won the prize along with 26 other lucky winners, so the prize money will be divided equally, making it less than 1 million yuan in real money, but over the additional 100,000 yuan in bonuses. a total of about 1.1 million yuan or about 5.3 million baht.


On the side of this merchant revealed that He decided to sell the grilled squid stall at the night market for 40,000 yuan or about 200,000 baht and wouldTake the winnings from the lottery to pay for your son’s wedding. The rest will be kept as small business capital.

However, the clip of the grilled octopus throwing a chair and filling its own shop sign attracted the attention of many netizens. from one netizen commented that “Are you going to tempt me to buy lottery tickets again?” while another notes that “Usually people win big prizes. He didn’t flush at all.”

In addition, some netizens also questioned whether this merchant’s reaction was too much for only 1.1 million yuan, and how long this money would stay with him? But some netizens still expressed their understanding. And he said that if he won the lottery and won 1 million yuan, he would be just as happy. But also leave the end to think “Getting 1 million yuan is easy. And work and save until you earn 1 million yuan, the value is definitely different. “