Happy singing in Malayalam cinema; Thanks Suneeti Chauhan | Sunidhi Chauhan sings in Malayalam Cinema Thirimali Movie

‘Rukki Rukki Zindagi … (Mast), Dhoom Machale …. (Dhoom), DD ….. (Omkara), Bum Ro Bum Ro …. (Mission Kashmir), Sheela Ki Jawaani … (Tees Mar Khan) ‘, Suneeti Chauhan’s list of super hits is a lesson for Malayalees too. Suneethi’s songs are indispensable in chants and celebrations. Suneethi started her music career at the age of four and has already sung over 2,000 songs. Bollywood’s favorite singer is sharing the joy of being able to sing in Malayalam cinema now.

Suneethi sang to the music of Bijibal in the upcoming movie Thirimali. The teaser of the song which starts with ‘Rang Birangi’ made waves on social media and the singer came to share the joy with the fans ….

‘I am very happy to be able to sing for Malayalam cinema through Thirimali. Enjoyed the recording moments with music director Bijibal. Thanks to the cast of Thirimali Cinema. I wish the film a great success. Suneeti said.

Sunidhi, who was a contestant in the television musical show ‘Mary Awaaz Suno’, won the competition and then went on to play the lead role in the Hindi film Shastra. SK The song sung by Suneeti Chauhan and produced by Lawrence and directed by Rajeev Shetty was shot in Nepal. Swastima Katka, a Nepali actress, has acted in the song which was shot at a cost of lakhs.

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