Hard to survive.! Four Uruguayan players face a six-month ban for protesting a referee

Uruguay national team players suggested retroactive ban for up to 6 months after protesting against the referee and destroying things on the pitch to damage

The International Football Federation (FIFA) is considering banning four players. Uruguay national team Edinson Cavani, Jose Maria Gimenez, Diego Godin and Fernando Muslera could all face six-month bans.

The incident came after the Brutal team beat Ghana 2-0 in their final group match.World Cup 2022 But not enough to make them eligible. Despite having the same goals as South Korea, the South Korean army has reached the final because they can score more goals.

But in the game on the Uruguay side, it was seen that there were many unopposed rulings by the referee. Until the players of Uruguay expressed their displeasure hard. Starting in the list of Cavani, who exploded with emotion and punched the VAR screen until it was damaged.

While in Chimenez’s case, there is news that even the striker will attack FIFA officials while walking back to the dressing room as well. It was also said that the other two, Godin and Muslera, had been abusive towards referees.

The behavior of these four players may have contravened Articles 11 and 12 of the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations, which state that a player who breaches the rules in a manner that threatens a referee. He will be banned from playing matches at all levels, club and national team, for six months. In this regard, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is expected to decide on this sentence in February 2023.

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