HARLAN, a Michelin-starred American chef, launches Harlan Restaurant, bringing premium menus from around the world to Pattaya.

In Welcome Town Pattaya, Mr. Harlan GoldSTEIN (HARLAN GOLDSTEIN), an American 2-star Michelin chef, together with Mrs.Helen GOLDSTEIN, hold a good time to open a restaurant Where Dining is an Experience Harlan’s, which is an international style restaurant of food Among the celebrities in different circles who were present were Allen Dan, the producer of the last “Rambo” movie, the famous Jamaican rapper Danny, the famous American YouTuber Jasan Rupp, Bob Zapp, a professional fighter and movie actor, etc.

For the restaurant, Where Dining is an Experience was opened by Harlan so that tourists can taste the skills and tastes of “HARLAN”, a 2 star Michelin chef from America who has a long experience in international cooking. The restaurant is also attracting international foodies to return to Pattaya after COVID-19 returns to normal. There will be more than 28 premium menus which will change menus every 2-3 days to accommodate up to 30 customers who come to use the service. The restaurant is open from 7:00 pm to 11: 00 pm of every day

Anan Kingsorn / Thiwakorn Krismanee, reporter for Chonburi Province

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