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Harley-Davidson® introduces Nightster™, the latest addition to its lineup of motorcycles for 2022 and is the latest generation of motorcycles. Sportster®-style Harley-Davidson® presents a next step in power and design. while maintaining the brand identity and still being fully equipped with the standard equipment of a motorcycle that should be perfect This new motorcycle Combining the classic Sportster® S with the power of the all-new Revolution® Max 975T engine, it perfectly meets the demands. and a platform that can support the modern features and support of the average driver The 2022 Nightster™ motorcycle is a game changer for the Sportster® motorcycle experience for the next generation of riders.

“The Nightster™ motorcycle is the epitome of expression and exploration. supported by potential A new dimension of creativity and uniqueness Inherited from the Sportster® model that began 65 years ago, it offers the ultimate platform for customization and performance for riders of all genres.” and Chief Executive Officer said Harley-Davidson®.

Brand new Revolution® Max 975T engine

At the heart of the 2022 NightsterTM is the all-new Revolution® Max 975T engine, a water-cooled 60-degree V-Twin. that provides torque in a wide rpm and the performance of an engine designed for a powerful and robust acceleration for mid-distance driving. The long hood is the shape of a horn used to filter the air. Combined with a large air trap Optimized for powerful performance across the entire engine speed range, the profiles of the dual overhead camshafts and Variable Valve Timing on the intake valves are designed to match this engine’s performance.

Revolution® Max 975T engine specifications

· Engine capacity 975cc

90 HP (67 kW) @7500 RPM

Engine torque 70 ft. lbs. (95 Nm) peak torque @ 5000 RPM

Bore x Stroke (97 mm x 66 mm)

· 12:1 compression ratio

Hydraulic valve adjustment ensures smooth engine operation. and reduce the process of checking engine condition The internal balancer reduces engine vibration to improve rider comfort and increase the durability of the motorcycle. The balancer has also been tuned to stabilize the vibrations, giving the bike a lively look.

driven powerfully

The lightweight NightsterTM frame with a powerful engine represents mid-range performance. It is the perfect combination for both smooth and winding roads. The middle control and low handlebars help the rider sit in a comfortable and central position on the bike. and with a low seat plus a slender front shape This allows most drivers to confidently place their feet flat on the ground while parked.

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The Revolution® Max 975T engine forms part of the central body structure of the Nightster™ bike, significantly reducing the weight of the bike and providing a rigid frame. Lightweight aluminum rear construction The swingarm is made up of welded square steel tubes and serves as a mounting bracket for the rear dual shock absorbers.

SHOWA® Dual Bending Valve is a 41mm front suspension designed to optimize handling by keeping the tires in contact with the road surface. The rear suspension has colloidal technology shock absorbers with coil springs and threaded collars for pre-load adjustments.

Rider Safety Enhancement feature

The Nightster™ motorcycle features Rider Safety Enhancement from Harley-Davidson®, a collection of technology designed to match the performance of the motorcycle. For torque during acceleration, deceleration and braking, these systems are electronic. including electronic brake control and the latest in powertrain technology, all three elements share:

· Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is designed to protect the wheels from sudden braking. and allows the driver to maintain control while braking. when in an emergency The system operates independently on the front and rear brakes to maintain wheel rotation. and prevent wheel locking so that the driver can still control the car

· Traction Control System (TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheel from turning excessively due to acceleration. This system increases the driver’s confidence when driving on wet road surfaces. that changed unexpectedly or paved road surface The driver can operate the traction control system (TCS) with different driving modes when the vehicle is stopped. or while driving

· Traction Control System (DSCS) is designed to adjust the engine’s torque transmission and reduce excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration from the powertrain. This is usually caused by the driver changing gears suddenly or dropping the accelerator quickly while on wet or slippery road surfaces.

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Independently select a driving mode.

The NightsterTM motorcycle’s Selectable Ride Mode allows the rider to adjust the engine performance. in each driving mode that maintains the uniqueness of the motorcycle And it’s another level of technology. Each driving mode consists of propulsion. engine braking Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS). or when the car stops And when adjusting the driving mode, there will be symbols indicating different modes.

· Road Mode is intended for everyday driving and provides balanced driving performance. This drive mode offers less aggressive throttle response and mid-range engine power than Sport, but with more powerful Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) and traction control (TCS).

Sport Mode delivers the full performance potential of a motorcycle with a focus on speed and control. With the full power and quick response of the accelerator. with the Adhesion Control System (TCS) at the lowest intervention setting. while setting the brakes higher

Rain Mode is designed to give drivers more confidence when driving in the rain or when road grip is limited. Throttle response and powertrain are programmed to limit acceleration. Limited engine braking and adjusting the level of Selective anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS).

The lightweight 14-litre fuel tank mounted in front of the seat may look like a conventional fuel tank. At the front of the seat is a steel cover for the airbox. Refueling is done by raising the seat. The location of the fuel tank under the seat increases the capacity of the engine’s intake air intake. and distribute the weight of the oil to be lighter within the car frame compared to the position of the original oil tank That reduces the center of gravity for better control and easier to lift the stand.

The NightsterTM motorcycle is equipped with a 4.0-inch round display, as well as functionality. The all-LED lighting system has been engineered to showcase outstanding design and performance that make the motorcycle a standout amongst other riders. The Daymaker® Signature headlamps are designed to be equally bright in all areas. This prevents the occurrence of glare spots that may distract the driver. Combination of brake lights, taillights and LED signal lights It was installed together at the rear fender.

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The latest design that is still classic.

The NightsterTM motorcycle comes with an entirely new design. since the wheel to a sleek, compact yet powerful figure It conveys the styling of the classic Sportster® motorcycle, and most noticeable is the open rear shock. and the shape of the airbox that resembles a unique walnut-shaped oil tank. round air intake cover Single seat The mid-section fenders and display evoke elements of the latest Sportster® motorcycles, while the side covers covering the under-seat tank are shaped like the original Sportster® tanks. The Revolution® Max powertrain is key. in design Surrounded by a serpentine-style upper exhaust pipe and painted in a shiny black metallic powder coating. The bottom cover conceals the battery area and makes the radiator hard to see. The wheels are satin black. Body color options include Vivid Black, Gunship Gray and Redline Red. For the Gunship Gray and Redline Red color options, it applies only to the airbox cover. Both front and rear fenders including the display is always Vivid Black

The Harley-Davison® Genuine Motorcycle Parts & Accessories division produces a wide range of accessories for the NightsterTM motorcycle. intentionally designed to enhance integrity enhance comfort and style to be better

The NightsterTM motorcycle will be available soon at official dealers of For more information and details about the 7 May 2022 Open House events nationwide, please contact your nearest official dealer.

Harley-Davidson® stands for endless adventure and free spirit. Find out more about all the motorcycles for 2022, including ride gear. motorcycle accessories and other products at HD.com

*Available traction is determined by the road/tire interface. These systems can only adjust the brake pressure or engine torque to maintain the force on the tire not exceeding the tight grip. These technologies cannot increase adhesion. or intervene while the driver does not press the brake or accelerator pedal or directly affect the direction of the car The driver is responsible for steering, accelerating and modifying the driving path.


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