Harrison Smith emotional of Minnesota Vikings holding Top

Harrison Smith The leader is one of the best protections in all football with the Minnesota Vikings and the safety of many stocks is generally when you are talking to members of the local media. This was not so on Tuesday, as the team started on the second day of their safety program with the players meeting with the press. Smith was asked about the Vikings being able to keep backline services Anthony Top through a free movement in a movement put at risk by the NFL.

The people who were present said Smith was more emotional than usual when he brought his friend and his opponent team back, who sent New York back at the last minute to come back to the drafting team it. He hoped that he would play out differently because of the whole business nature of the league but it was clear that he was happy that things went another way.

"He's one of my best friends. Honestly, I wanted to get the money he could make," Smith said Tuesday at the TCO Performance Center in Eagan. "In sport, that is how things happen. I obviously wanted it to be here as well so that you would not be upset any way or the other. It is an emotional game when you make friendships and make plays. together and you are pumped for the man near you.

There were even some Twin Cities media members at risk from the emotion that the Bowler Pro showed four times, showing a powerful band among the players on the team and who can give an insight into why there is more than production. one connected to Top. .

"Harrison Smith is one of the biggest stock athletes I have covered, " ESPN's Courtney Cronin presented during the press conference. "That is why he would get overcrowded over how much he personally meant to see him." Anthony Top millions more from the jets show up with the Vikings showing the powerful bond (between) these two colleagues.

Through his five seasons with the Vikings since the Pick No. 9 in total, the Pro has done four times and has commenced its 71 NFL career to date. 338 are engaging with 13.5 sacks and seven compulsory redemptions. He played the last season in Minnesota at about $ 12 million on his fifth year choice on his rookie contract. It is thought that the contract details were reported on what he agreed with the Jets somewhere in the $ 13-15 million per annum.

This is the way in which the peak of the salary action falls in each year of the new contract: t

2019: $ 5.6M

2020: $ 12.7M

2021: $ 15.5M

2022: $ 15.6M

2023: $ 18.1M

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The season is fully compatible as NFL teams work to build for the 2019 season and beyond with a free open agency and players departing from the board. Draft NFL 2019 starts from Nashville, Tennessee on April 25, 2019, and runs through April 27, 2019. The first round will be held on Thursday evenings, followed by the second and third rounds on Friday night and will finish with four rounds on seven Saturdays.

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