‘Harry-Meghan’ time to reveal the palace

AFP news agency reported. The documentary, to be broadcast on Thursday, reveals behind-the-scenes stories about Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, and their strained relationship with the British royal family. that they both said that “What goes on behind the scenes?”

According to a recent British poll, Prince Harry and Meghan are the least popular of the royal family with the exception of the controversial Prince Andrew.

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, 40, had been very close and bonded after the death of his mother Diana, much to the grief of the couple. But both are at odds with Prince Harry and Meghan. or The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Leaving the high royal life and moving to California in 2020.

The couple mourned their life in the strict fence of the palace. There is even racism in the family. The accusation made headlines around the world.

A trailer for the documentary features a scene in which Meghan looks mournful as Prince Harry desperately tilts his head back.

“I had to do everything I could to protect my family. No one saw what was happening behind the scenes,” said the prince’s voice.

A second example was released on Monday, and Meghan’s attorney, Jenny Afiya claimed during her stay in England “There is a war against Meghan to meet other people’s wishes.”

Fear of history repeating itself

Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while fleeing paparazzi photographers.

“I’m very scared. I don’t want history to repeat itself.” Prince Harry said in the latest trailer. referring to the mother being harassed

“I have realized that they (Buckingham Palace) have never protected you,” Meghan’s voice added. with the image of her looking back, afraid that someone might be stalking

Buckingham Palace did not comment on AFP. The British media criticized the first trailer that was released. Many media said It was an obvious attempt to steal the scene. Prince William, the heir to the throne, during his visit to the United States, is considered a full “declaration of war”.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper last week’s edition reported that King Charles and Queen Camilla “Not worried but tired” of current criticism

However, other sources say they believe the series will be “worse than the royal family imagined” and that already strained relationships could break.

“I’ve heard it’s going to be a huge explosion,” one unnamed source told the Daily Mirror.

people are not happy

This documentary series is broadcast after Queen Elizabeth II, her great-grandmother, Prince Harry. He died exactly three months. And a month before the book “Spare”, the long-awaited memoirs of Prince Harry will be released.

Despite being separated from the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan attended Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral in September.

At one point Prince William and his wife Kate were seen giving them a bouquet of olives, inviting Prince Harry and Meghan to join them in seeing the flowers that people had placed in memory of the late Queen. There are two love is cold to each other. The hopes of their relationship began to crumble even more when the rival brothers did not even meet each other’s eyes at the funeral.

Last month’s Yougaf poll showed that Prince William and his wife Catherine Also known as the Prince and Princess of Wales. It is currently the most popular royal family. 81% of respondents admired Prince William, 75% admired Princess Catherine, and only 39% liked Prince Harry. 28% liked Meghan, and only Prince Andrew did not like her.

Tabloid “The Sun” criticized Prince Harry and Meghan as a couple obsessed with self-pity. During the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis in the UK,

“Sussex couple” insults the royal family But still uses the title,” said the news report, suggesting that the title of both should be restored entirely.

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