“Haru” is unlucky again. His son has just had surgery. Driving home, the tire exploded again, giving away 4 lucky numbers.

before “Little Kirin” 7 years old son of “Kai Ratchachanon” with “Haru” recently underwent surgery after a hot blister on the inner lip caused by bacterial infection grow out into a polyp last father’s day

Recently, “Haru” posted on Instagram, saying that “Reunion on Father’s Day back After my father returned from Phuket Kirin has just returned home after the surgery. Thank you to everyone who cares about Kirin. It’s ok now, naughty as usual. Now I eat like my mouth hasn’t been sewn. I’m sorry to all the journalists who called but my mother didn’t receive it. Today’s jinx is driving home. The tire exploded in the middle of the road. After changing the wheels, he was turning into the house and the car crashed again. many misfortunes The license plate is 9911 in case you get rich at the same time. #3 Yod Pediatric #guyharufamily” among the fans who came to support I hope everything goes well. always cheer up .


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