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Beginner mahjong course “Tell me! Harugo-sensei” by Go Kobayashi (belonging to U-NEXT Pirates) and Haruna Nakazato (belonging to Saikouisen Japanese Pro Mahjong Association), which are very popular on Mahjong Watch, will be held in April. It was recorded in the game software “Ginsei Mahjong DX” for Nintendo Switch scheduled to be released on the 22nd!

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[Mahjong Beginner’s Course]Episode 1 Mahjong tiles and agari shape

What is Ginsei Mahjong DX?

A sequel to the mahjong game software “Ginsei Mahjong,” which was released in July 2018 and is equipped with full-scale AI and is particular about serious competition.

Software that allows you to practice anytime, anywhere against 20 characters with various strengths and striking lines. It is also possible to save the player’s game record and analyze the mahjong strikes.

The previous work is also played by Takaharu Oi (belonging to RMU / Shibuya ABEMAS).

This time, “Kobago-sensei” and “Harubo-sensei” will kindly and politely teach such Ginsei Mahjong how to make and sing the roles you want to remember from the explanation of the basic mahjong rules. Equipped with a mahjong classroom mode!

In addition, the new function “Beginner Assist Function” that tells you the tiles without AI and the discarded tiles is also enriched. You can also “get it!” To return to the state before the first round.

Lots of features that are perfect for beginners to train! Let’s learn mahjong and become stronger while having fun playing games!

Product information

● Genre: Mahjong
● Release date: April 21, 2022
● Standard price:
(Package) 4,180 yen including tax
(Download) 3,740 yen including tax
● Product number: HAC-P-A7MUA
● JAN:4535520003508
● Number of players: 1 person

* Nintendo Switch Pro controller
Joy-Con compatible
(Supports touch operation on the touch screen)



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