Haruka Ayase laughs with “Haha!” … “Gibo Musume” co-starring Takeru Sato and “Too High Tension Homecoming” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Haruka Ayase walking next to Takeru Sato with a high tension


The surroundings turned around all at once to the laughter of the high-pitched female. And a surprised voice rises in the mouth.

“That’s Haruka Ayase!”

Haruka Ayase (36) walks around Shinagawa Station with high tension in late November. Takeru Sato (32, left) walks quietly next to it.

“It’s the return of the location of the New Year special of” Gibomusume “,” Stepmom and Daughter Blues “(TBS series). I’ve been a good friend of Sato since I co-starred in the movie in 2013. I’m very busy, such as being unofficially decided. Chatting with juniors will be a valuable break. “(Entertainment reporter)

Would you like to make a “his” pair?

(Weekly FLASH December 14, 2021 issue)



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