Has Omicron already spread to the community? Authorities “investigating contact tracing”

“There is no obligation to isolate those who have completed vaccination, so there may be additional confirmed cases”
“Omicron infection is highly suspected, the final result will be out this evening as soon as possible”
Japan’s Omicron confirmed cases also pass through Incheon Airport… Afternoon task force meeting to discuss immigration reinforcement measures

Among the four suspected cases of Omicron mutation, a new mutant virus of Corona 19, in Korea, quarantine authorities are investigating the possibility that Omicron mutation has already spread to the local community by these suspects.

If the suspects had had several contacts in the community before the confirmation, there is a possibility that omicron mutation infections will appear one after another, mainly in the Incheon area, where the suspect lives.

The results of whether they are actually infected with the Omicron mutation will be released as early as this evening.

In an interview with CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 1st, Son Young-rae, head of the social strategy division of the Central Accident Response Headquarters (Jung Su-bon), said in an interview with CBS radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ that suspects of Omicron mutation are investigating people they had come into contact with in the community before the confirmation.

Director Sohn said, “The contact history of these people is not that much, but those who have completed vaccination are not quarantined, so we are rushing to test and investigate because it may have caused a confirmed case.”

He explained, “We are conducting an epidemiological investigation on the outside activities of the suspects before the confirmation, and investigating those classified as contacts.”

The quarantine authorities said that four people, including a couple who returned from a visit to Nigeria the day before, were suspected of being infected with the Omicron mutation and are conducting tests to confirm the mutation.

A couple in their 40s living in Incheon, who returned to Korea on the 24th of last month, were diagnosed with Corona 19 a day later on the 25th.

Authorities suspected Omicron mutation infection while examining acquaintances, and since then, they are conducting a final confirmation test for Omicron mutation with samples from a couple, acquaintances, and a son.

Director Sohn said, “The results of the analysis of confirmed cases are different from those of the delta mutation, and Nigeria is a place that is affected by Omicron, so the final result will have to be released, but the infection with the micron mutation is highly suspected.”

He said, “The four people are believed to be the same virus because the infection route is the same, and the final test result will be confirmed this evening or tomorrow morning.”

The Incheon couple was confirmed and quarantined on the 25th of last month, one day after returning home, but it is not yet confirmed whether their son and acquaintance did outside activities until the 30th of last month.

Currently, those who have been vaccinated are not obligated to self-quarantine even if they are classified as close contacts of the confirmed person.

If a son and an acquaintance were active for about 6 days in the incubation period or infection state from the 25th to the 30th of last month, the date of the couple’s confirmation, there is a possibility that a large number of infected people will occur due to the nature of the Omicron mutation, which is known to have stronger transmission power than other viruses.

The couple also met with other people in the community until they were confirmed positive after returning home, authorities said.

Authorities are also investigating whether 45 people who entered the country on the same flight as the couple were infected. Among these entrants, Korean nationals who have completed vaccinations and foreigners who have self-isolation waivers are not required to quarantine, so they appear to have been active until the authorities investigated.

In addition, concerns about domestic transmission are growing as a confirmed case of Omicron mutation confirmed in Japan has entered Japan via Incheon International Airport.

The confirmed person, a diplomat, boarded a flight departing from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia on the 27th of last month (local time), and arrived at Narita Airport via Incheon Airport the following afternoon.

The diplomat was believed to have disembarked from the aircraft and stayed at the Incheon International Airport facility, with 70 people on the flight to Japan, Japanese authorities said.

Our quarantine authorities said, “We are strengthening testing, but it is difficult to say ‘no’ about the possibility of influx into the domestic community. “he said.

The government will hold a meeting of the Omicron Response Task Force (TF) in the afternoon to discuss measures to strengthen quarantine measures, such as strengthening entry bans.


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