Hauts-Bassins Regional Council: Laboratory equipment offered to UNB

The Hauts-Bassins regional special delegation is holding its first ordinary session of the year 2023, from March 29 to 31. The opening session took place this Wednesday, March 29, 2023 in the institution’s conference room.

For the first time in 2023, the members of the regional special delegation met to discuss several items on the agenda. Among others: the examination and adoption of the first amending budget, 2023 management of the regional council and the examination and adoption of the special report 2022 of the president of the special regional delegation of Hauts-Bassins. As part of the transfer of powers to local authorities, universities have been transferred to regional councils.

In this dynamic, the council during the first ordinary session 2023 saw fit to provide the Nazi Boni University with laboratory equipment. This donation is estimated at a value of 41,986,000 CFA francs. It is composed of hydrometer, hydrostatic balance, electronics, spectrophotometer, vacuum desiccator, separatory funnels, evaporator pack, fume hood-chemical manipulation, water distiller, thermocouple, chemical prismatic mold , study and complete device for determining the liquid limit and plasticity.

According to Moussa Diallo, president of the Hauts-Bassins regional special delegation, “The Nazi Boni University faces challenges that prevent it from achieving its goals. It is in view of this observation that the special delegation has made it a priority to support this university. This material will allow to increase the modernization and the mechanization of the educational offer of the UNB and to the improvement of the learning conditions of the students”.

For Jean Louis Zerbo, vice-president of UNB representing the president, “This gesture pleasantly surprised us. This testifies that the regional council gives an important place to the university. We are committed to strengthening our capacities to be useful to the region and the country as a whole”.

In addition, the regional council intends to deliver in the coming days other equipment materials worth more than 9 million CFA francs to UNB.

Ben Alassane DAO


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