Have mercy on refugees: Pope to Europe | Pope Francis

Athens: Pope Benedict urges Europe to show mercy to refugees Before returning from a five – day visit to Cyprus and Greece, Pope Francis called on the people not to close their doors and stop building walls in front of asylum seekers.

Europe has entered the age of walls and barbed wire. The Mediterranean, home to many cultures, is a huge graveyard with no sinking refugee boats.

The ships of civilization can no longer be wrecked here, he said. The pope was accompanied by Greek President Catarina and European Union Commission Vice President Margaritas Shinas. He arrived at the refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos and comforted those living there.

I sat with the children who fled Syria and listened to their life stories. He walked without wearing a mask among the residents of the container houses provided by the United Nations at the barbed wire fence on the beach. He was also here in 2016, when there was a huge influx of refugees.

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