Hawaii health care takes No. 1 spot in nationwide survey


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Hawaii No. 2 24 overall in the U.S. News & World Report. T

U. News & World Report ranked the 50 U.S. in 71 metrics across eight categories. Each category was found in the state.

Hawaii received top scores for health care access, health care quality and public health. Approximately 5.5% of adults in the state average of 13.8%. Average of 31.3%. T

U. News & Events tSearch:

. T 36 for fiscal stability, No. 40 for economy and No. 46 for opportunity. Low-fall in-chance-of-living index-of-living index.

For the first time, Washington Health and social care, infrastructure and education. Washington was followed by New Hampshire. 2, Minnesota at No. 2, Minnesota 3, Utah at No. 4, and Vermont at No. 4, 5.

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