HBO plays Plays Five Casting Series - Deadline

HBO plays Plays Five Casting Series - Deadline

KEY: Denée Benton (Hamilton, Louisa Jacobson (Gone Hollywood), Taissa Farmiga (The Twilight Zone, Blake Ritson (Krypton) and Simon Jones (Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxythey will be co-starred in Julian Fellowes ’ Gilded Age drama series at HBO. The project is a co-production between HBO and Universal TV, which moved from NBC to HBO earlier this year. Is from the. T Downton Abbey Fellowes team, producer Gareth Neame and director Michael Engler. They participate in the previously announced cap, Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Amanda Peet and Morgan Spector.

Created, written and executive produced by Fellowes, Gilded Age It focuses on a major period of economic change in America, the great progress made and lost, and the imbalance between old and new money. In the context of this change, the story begins in 1882 – the introduction of a young Marian Brook, a general Southern orphan daughter, who moves into her traditional aunt's house in New York City. Along with the mysterious Peggy Scott, a African-American woman who claims as her sticks, Marian gets a grip on the incredible life of her wealthy neighbors. . Will Marian follow the established rules of society, or will she create her own path in this exciting new world that is about to transform in the modern age?

Benton Peggy, who was a young child when slavery was abolished and his parents were released in West Virginia. Raised in NY, she is among the first generation of African Americans who did not know that slavery actually had them. She has a time she doesn't want to share with anyone, but like Marian, she needs a friend and a new start when they meet in Milltown. They travel to New York together and decide that Peggy will be Marian's girlfriend until she can decide what she should do next to her life. Her dream is to be a writer, but she has difficulty expressing this because she feels that she will be regarded as unhappy with such a desire.

Jacob is the Marian Brook. Our main heroine. Beautiful and strong. He was born to an old southern city, but his father left him without a penny. One way, Marian knows that she is likely to marry as well as she can and to survive, but she wants more than that. She is on her own time, overridden by the rules that were getting there, but there is also a modern streak. She wants to do something with her life. She wants to be fulfilled. She moves from Charleston to New York after her father died to live with her alienated aunts.

Farmiga shows Gladys Russell. He is a classic, innocent and beautiful child of wealth who does not want to succeed with offices or if her mother would treat her as a bigger child. She doesn't really know how her father made his money, and she's not very much cared for, but she's used to her and she wouldn't know what to do without it. She has an independent stripe, but she has no match with her remains. Her mother uses her as a tool for her own ambition and places her in a position of social advantage.

Ritson plays Oscar Van Rhijn, a charismatic son of Agnes van Rhijn. He decided that it is time to settle down and he has gone out of money when you watch a serious woman who will allow him to live as he would. It is smart, attractive, poisonous, deceptive and vexatious, and the trend is good. He is one of the few people who will stand by his mother and will not listen to his mother's advice which will cause her much frustration.

Jones shows Bannister. As an English immigrant, the butcher of Rhijn likes to say that he is very big but in fact he was the son of a poor cobbler from the middle countries of England, and his grandmother paid him to go on an emigration ship. he was fourteen years old. years of age. He got on with it, learning to talk, how to dress, how to behave, changing jobs every time he felt ready for the next step. He went into the van Rhijn family a year before the death of Mr van Rhijn and so for the old woman, it is a link to their own lives. He will endanger, revealing his rivalry in Russell's house, the Church, by digging his unhappy time and humiliating him in front of the staff he directs.

Fellowes, Neame, Engler and David Crockett and Engler are also guided by executive products.

2019 Pilot Orders & Max HBO Series

Benton is currently the award winning musician in Broadway, Eliza Hamilton. On television, she was Secretary in season 2 of a series hit Lifetime UnReal and filmed the pilot program 25 for CBS. Upon coming, Benton will be appearing alongside Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck, and Jason Segel in indie feature The Cara. which was first exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Jacobson shot the FX pilot, Gone Hollywood, John Magaro and Judd Hirsch, who wrote and directed Ted Griffin and produced Scott Rudin. On stage, Jacobson stood as Juliet recently in The Old Globe's production Romeo and Juliet, led by Barry Edelstein.

Farmiga's latest TV credits include FXs American horrors story and The Twilight Zone All Access SPC. It can also be seen in features Nun and Clint Eastwood's The Mule. It will also appear in the upcoming Quibi antraite series, 50 States.

Ritson was recently seen playing Super Villain, Brainiac DC Comic, for Syfy's t Krypton. Other credits previously include Indian summers for Channel 4 and Starz UK Demons Davinci, as well as taking roles in the miniseries Upstairs downstairs and World Without End with Cynthia Nixon.

Jones is better known for his presentation of Arthur Dent in radio, television and Irish language adaptations Guide the Hitchhiker to the Galaxy. It was also seen as a bride in miniseries Brideshead Revisited, and as Sir Walter Raleigh entered Blackadder. It was recently seen in the feature film version of it Downton Abbey.

Entertainment is perennial, WME, and Schreck Rose Dapello Adams Berlin & Dunham LLP which meets with Benton. Jacobson is met by the CAA and Brookside Artist Management. ICAI Partners, Anonymous Content and Peikoff Mahan are associated with Farmiga. Ritson is run by ICM Partners, Authentic Talent and Literary Management, Curtis Brown in the UK and Peikoff Mahan. Innovative Artists and Roger Carey Associates meet Jones.

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