He asked for a lift and got on his bike; Killed by injection of poison from behind – Telangana | Stranger kills cyclist | elevator | Khammam | Shaikh Jamal Saheb Mudigonda | Crime News

Khammam: A stranger who rode a bike after asking for a lift had sprayed the rider with poison. The incident took place on Monday at Mudigonda in Telangana’s Khammam district. The farmer Sheikh Jamal Sahib (52) was killed. Jamal was traveling from his native village Boparam to Gundrai in Andhra Pradesh.

A young man in a cap waved at the bike on the road and asked for a lift. Jamal put the young man on the bike and continued his journey. After traveling some distance, the young man injected poison in Jamal’s thigh. Jamal lost control of the bike in pain and fell down. Meanwhile, the young man left the place. The farmers who were there rushed Jamal to the hospital but they could not be saved.

A syringe was recovered from the scene. It is noted that the poison used to kill the animals was injected. Khammam Rural ACP G said that the investigation into the incident is underway. said Baswa Reddy.

English Summary: Stranger kills cyclist after asking for a lift in Telangana’s Khammam district

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