He challenged Lertchailek to swear that he did not fall in boxing. It was noted that it was easy to get knocked out, because of the stage fright, asking to stop fighting for life

Lertchailek insists he did not fall in boxing Easy to lose by knocking because of the stage awakening Having just come to fight in Bangkok for the first time, I can promise to apologize to everyone and ask to stop boxing for life.

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23 September 2022 – due to a scandal in the Thai boxing industry In the Petchyindee Thai boxing match on September 22, between Conanlek Sitkamnannan (red corner) and Lertchailek Sitlertchai (blue corner)

It appears that when the punching reaches the 2nd round, Lertchai Lek has been punched by Konan Lek’s left punch to the face. But it seems that he is not very strong, but Lertchai Lek fell down the stage as if he was punched until he died. leading to a knock out Then the clip was published in “Sia Boat” Nattadej Wachirarattanawong, a famous promoter. Trying to emphasize Lertchai Lek at Nang Loeng police station difficult to see what happened. Why is it such a simple shot?

Recently, reporters visited the area to meet the Sports Authority of Thailand, Sisaket Province, with Mr. Krittiphong Khamphaeng or “Inspector Det”, 50 years old, a famous boxing promoter in the north-eastern region, said The moment Lertchai Lek hit Konan Lek’s left punch in the second round he fell because the kid was excited. because he had just come to fight on the big stage in Bangkok and had lost a lot of weight After being punched, he lay in bed for a long time. Because I already know I can’t fight Conan Lek.

“I assure you that the intention to demolish boxing is not 100 per cent. I swear I didn’t hire Lertchailek to fall for sure. If there is an agreement to have a boxing fall to be possible in 3 days, 7 days, but if it is not employed to fail to wish me prosperity Richer and more money than before.”

While Lertchailek said I swear there was no boxing match. As for the reason for losing knockouts easily, because he lost a lot of weight. They are also excited to come and fight in Bangkok for the first time. He had been knocked out because he had hit Conan’s left fist, causing it to flash. I apologize to all the adults involved. From now on, he would like to announce that he will give up boxing for life.

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