He confirmed that “Hogwarts Inheritance” will not include a “moral system of good and evil”, and players will not end badly if they use the Unforgivable Curse- Computer King Ada

The open world game “Hogwarts Inheritance”, adapted from the classic fantasy literature series “Harry Potter” written by JK Rowling, will officially launch on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles on February 10th . Judging from the picture, players can freely use various magic spells from the original novel series in the game, and even include some powerful spells that are considered taboo in the original work. However, according to the latest public details, this work does not include the so-called “moral system” Therefore, players can do bad things in the game, even if they continue to use the magics this prohibited, they don’t have to. worry about affecting the development of the story or the ending.

Currently, there is just less than two weeks left before the launch of this highly anticipated open world game, and major media outlets have recently released several hours of trial preview videos and demos, giving players a chance to get a look early on all the details of this magical world. At the end of last year, the game team showed many “Hogwarts Legacy” series style game screens, such as flying broom rides, “everything room” and more magical battle screens for players. However, many fans noticed that the main character directly uses the taboo curse “Death Curse” which can take a human life instantly in one of the demonstration videos, and the team also confirmed that this spell also has the ability to kill the enemy with one move in. the Impact game. After that, how should such a powerful charm be presented in the most balanced way in terms of design.

Games like “Blood Killing 2” and “Notorious” contain what is called a “good and bad moral system”. The value of fame will eventually lead the protagonist down a dark path. However, “The Legacy of Hogwarts” will contain no such thing. design.

According to Kelly Murphy, the main designer of the game, in an interview with the GamesRadar website, it is very important for the entire Avalanche Software team to give players who want to become dark wizards or witches a chance to try this direction. It is part of the concept of “role playing” and they have to leave the choice of opinion to the player.

In addition, Kelly Murphy also revealed that the characters played by “The Legacy of Hogwarts” players will not learn these “unforgivable curses” directly in the Hogwarts classroom, but they can freely choose whether to learn these forbidden spells , even if After the player actually learns it, there is no need to use these spells in combat, however, when the player uses them, the game world will also respond to them. Explaining why a “morality system” that punishes player choices is not being added to the game, Kelly Murphy said that this would leave “the right to judge right and wrong” in the hands of the development team. Having said that , Kelly Murphy still emphasizes that if players continue to maintain these behaviors, they will still be reflected in how the game world sees them.

To put it simply, it seems that the reason why the game team chose to abandon the traditional moral system is to serve the gameplay of “Hogwarts Legacy” itself, while giving up some background settings of the series itself. . In the original series, any wizard who uses the Unforgivable Curse to take a human life can be sent directly to Azkaban, but if “Hogwarts Legacy” can still show meaningful interaction and influence after giving up’ r moral system, that still makes for a satisfying experience.

“Hogwarts Inheritance” will be on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms on February 10, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be launched on April 4, and the Nintendo Switch version is expected to be released in July. on the 25th.

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