He did not feel any interest when he saw Ajay: Kajol on a girlfriend

Bollywood stars Kajol and Ajay Devgn got married 24 years ago. Although it was a love marriage, now Kajol is opening up about that love. Kajol said that she did not feel love at first sight with Ajay. The actor also said that when he saw Ajay in the 90s, he did not feel any kind of attraction. The actor’s response was in an interview given to national media as part of Ajay Devgn’s 51st birthday celebrations.

Ajay was first seen on the sets of the film Halchul. This was the first day together. The producer told me that standing is the hero of the film. He was then sitting on a chair there. really? Is he the hero? I asked the producer. He was 19 years old then. I saw everyone going towards him on set. But at that moment I did not think that he would become the most valuable person in my life.’- said Kajol.

Later, Kajol also said that she felt that Ajay had something to tell her. ‘We became friends. I will talk about many things. Ajay will listen.’- said Kajol. This is what Ajay Devgn said about his friendship and love with Kajol. Kajol used to talk a lot. I always listen. But sometimes I don’t listen.’ The marriage between Ajay Devgn and Kajol was in 1999. A daughter Nysa was born in 2003. A boy was also born in 2010.

English Summary: Kajol revealed that she was not impressed with Ajay Devgn


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