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“He died”… A 40-year-old who was moved to the mortuary survives a miracle after 7 hours

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A man in his 40s who was sentenced to death and moved to a mortuary freezer for 7 hours is revived.

According to the Times of India on the 21st, electrician Srikesh Kumar, 45, was hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad, east of New Delhi, India on the 19th and is in critical condition.

Kumar was declared dead as soon as he was taken to the hospital, and was briefly moved to the mortuary freezer for an autopsy. Police informed the family of Kumar’s death, and his body remained in the mortuary until the family arrived.

About seven hours later, Kumar’s sister-in-law Madhu Bala caught the motion when documents were filed with the police, in which the arriving family agreed to an autopsy and confirmation of the body.

“Kumar isn’t dead at all,” Bala exclaimed. “He wants to say something, he’s breathing.” Embarrassed families also gathered around Kumar, calling doctors and police.

The hospital’s chief medical officer said, “Emergency medical staff saw the patient around 3 am, but confirmed that Kumar’s heart was not beating. “We found Kumar alive this morning, and our priority right now is to get him back.” “It’s one of the rarest cases. We can’t say it’s our fault,” he said.

The hospital doctor, who requested anonymity, said, “According to the guidelines, the body should be kept in a freezer to prevent decay. The ideal temperature is 10 degrees or less.” same,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Kumar has not regained consciousness, but is being treated at a medical center. “Doctors say the brother-in-law is out of danger,” Madhubala said.

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