He died and left 8.3 million debts “it was really this big brother” The woman collapsed: the garage was frozen|Entertainment| QUANTITY

A man in China borrowed money everywhere in order to reward a female anchor, but left his wife with huge debts after his death. (Photo/Review from Netease News)

There is a 49-year-old woman surnamed Yu in Jilin province, China. Her husband died due to illness, but her husband rewarded the female anchor for a long time with an amount of 1.87 million yuan (about 8.3 million NT dollars). ), and the money was borrowed She had to bear this huge debt, and her property was frozen In desperation, she had no choice but to contact the female anchor, hoping that the other party could repay the money, but she was refused. , and she was so angry that she planned to file a lawsuit.

Yu Nvjing introduced her husband Zheng Nan. Although they were married for the second time, the relationship between the couple has always been very good. Unexpectedly, one time they went out, Zheng Nan suddenly fell into a coma. Due to liver disease, he was sent to the hospital immediately. While going through the relevant procedures, I found the chat records between my husband and a woman on WeChat. The conversations included “I sent you more than 2 million yuan”, “I gave you gifts for 4 years”, etc., which made her suspect that the relationship between the two was not normal. After waking up, the man confessed everything.

Relatives and friends ask for money. (Photo/Review from Netease News)

It seems that Zheng Nan has been stupid with a female anchor of a certain platform since 2018. In order to connect with her, he spared no expense to become “big brother on the list” My mother suffered from breast. cancer and my father-in-law was suffering from lung cancer. He used all the money for the treatment of both as rewards. In the end, he had no money to treat the disease and died, leaving millions of yuan in debt Now Yu Nv wants to get it back to protect his rights, but with great difficulty.

Currently, Yu Nu not only has to pay for the car loan and the housing loan, but also the garage is frozen. She hopes that the live broadcast platform can -pay part of the payment so she can pay the debt first if she has money. In this regard, the female anchor responded that Zheng Nan gave her a reward, but it was not as much as 1.87 million yuan, and the others were unwilling to say more, “Now we have gone through legal channels.”

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