He encouraged the villagers to examine the monk claiming that he could cure the paralysis. Blistered skin in the hospital : PPTVHD36

A 55-year-old woman is calling on the media to investigate the monk’s behaviour. After his sister came to treat the paralysis with the mentioned monk until the whole body swelled

Mrs Somsri, 55 years old, villager, Khao Chiak Sub-District, Mueang Phatthalung District She sought help from reporters after her younger sister, Mrs Wilaiwan, 53, was sick with paralysis. travel to treat paralysis with Phra Bhumi Pad In Ban Yang Yai Klui Monastery, Tha Khae Sub-District, Muang District, Phatthalung Province, where it is called the Monastery, is an old school that has been serving the villagers for more than 5 months.

by the statue mentioned above Perform a treatment by using a hammer to hammer along the body. Let the patient lie on the swollen fire. In which the monk claimed that the heat would loosen the lines and that the dead lines would regenerate, lying on a 60-centimeter high litter.

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before galvanizing and heating the coal Use herbs to spread on the mat. Treatment takes more than 30 minutes.

When her sister returned home, she found that there were blisters on her back, butt, and legs caused by lying on the fire. Some points are deep wounds. Stayed at home for 2 days, then traveled to Srinakarin Hospital for treatment. for doctors to help Since March 21, 2023, but the symptoms have not improved.

while the husband of Mrs. Wilaiwan Tried to contact the monk who has been healing all the time but the monks refused do not answer the phone Until the latest, on March 26, 2023, the disciple of the above monk contacted him back. It was said that her husband comes to put the oil on him and he will disappear. but her husband refused to go because of a lack of trust At the same time, villagers were also found receiving the same treatment. admitted to hospital but did not dare to tell the treating doctor with 2-3 more such monks

Ms Somsri, Ms older sister said. Wilaiwan, that her sister had a difficult family life, earning 100-200 baht a day from her husband’s employment. Therefore, I would like to appeal to the public health officials in Phatthalung Province. to examine the person concerned that the method of treatment is correct in accordance with public health principles or not and also to touch female patients with

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