He hoarded these weapons of war in his arsenal

Court documents reveal explosive details of a police operation against a “Reich citizen” in April 2022. The perpetrator not only shot the officers – he had a whole arsenal at hand.

A “Reichsbürger” shot dozens of times in Boxberg in April 2022 at approaching police officers, injuring two of them. The case will soon be heard before the Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart. The federal prosecutor has accused Ingo K. of multiple attempted murder. Now a decision by the Federal Court of Justice has revealed how dangerous the deployment really was for the SEK officials.

K. believed in conspiracy myths

The man attracted the attention of the authorities because he clung to the conspiracy myth that Germany was still occupied by the Allies and that the Federal Republic was not a legitimate state. When he was supposed to pay a fine, he described the Federal Republic as a “company” without sovereign rights. Rather, the headquarters of the allied forces – the so-called “SHAEF” – continue to have power in Germany.

After K. had received several previous convictions, his license to use a Glock pistol was revoked. He had this from an earlier job “in the security industry,” as the court documents show. However, he had personally announced in the district office that he did not want to hand over the weapon voluntarily. Corresponding laws are “invalid”. Therefore, the police moved in April with special forces.

Machine gun among the weapons

What the officers did not know at the time: In addition to the pistol, K. had already stocked up on numerous weapons of war in order to be able to defend his apartment against unauthorized access. Using an AK47, he fired at the police officers dozens of times, changing positions several times to get a better field of fire. After an exchange of fire and arrest, the police seized an entire arsenal. There was talk of 5,000 rounds of ammunition. Now, for the first time, there is an exact list of the weapons.

Accordingly, the officials found:

  • a Zastava model 53 machine gun
  • Heckler & Koch model G3 assault rifle
  • an assault rifle made by Zastava, model M70
  • an Uzi submachine gun
  • Two PPSch 41 submachine guns
  • a pistol FN HP, model 35
  • a Burgsmüller Kreiensen double-barrelled shotgun
  • a long rifle of the type K98
  • the 9mm Glock that triggered the deployment

Previously, the Attorney General had only mentioned three fully automatic rifles – but it was not initially known that one of them was even a machine gun. How Ingo K. managed to create an illegal arsenal of weapons of this quality and size is unclear. It is one of the many questions that the process will probably have to clarify.

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