He is 25 years old and counts for the Big Bend Community Orchestra

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James Brown, a musician, plays for the Big Bend Orchestra at Tallahassee Community College on Thursday, 11 April 2019. (Photo: Tori Schneider / Tallahassee Democrat)

As Judy Blancett broke through the Tallahassee Democrat in the spring of 1994, she may have been finding items about O.J. Capture Simpson or the term “spam” arises. There was probably something about the death of Nixon or Jackie O or that "Forest Gump" had reached another Oscar. But it was not the same as that of the Blancett family.

Instead, the author Mark Hinson indicated that a conductor named Waldie Anderson and a music teacher Ginny Dinsmore were starting an orchestra – a community orchestra, which now indicated that there would be all applicants. For Judy Blancett, an amateur but dedicated violinist from a grade school, he was like a call to heaven.

Following a response to this reference summons, on 20 April 2019, Judy Blancett and three other orchestral players will mark the 25th anniversary of the Big Bend Community Orchestra in a concert at Turner Turner Hall in Tallahassee Community College. The orchestra will have 64 current members celebrating along with the BBC 's 781 musicians for the past 25 years.


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