He is expected to return to Korea to recover from an injured muscle during his international brigade mission in Ukraine.

On the 19th (local time), Ukraine’s Homeland Defense Force International Brigade tweeted, “Our friend Ken Lee was wounded on the battlefield. He was treated at a Ukrainian medical institution, but he will return home for rehabilitation.” /Photo = Yonhap News

Former Naval Special Warfare Group (UDT/SEAL) Captain Lee Geun, who participated in the war as a Ukrainian voluntary soldier during the war in the Russian invasion, is expected to return to Korea soon.

On the 19th (local time), Ukraine’s foreign volunteer unit, the Homeland Defense Force International Brigade, tweeted, “Our friend Ken Lee (former captain’s English name) was wounded on the battlefield.” I will go home for the sake of it.”

He added, “We wish Ken a speedy recovery and return. Thank you for your service. We are looking forward to your return.”

Earlier, on the 15th, former Captain Lee’s YouTube channel ‘ROKSEAL’ reported that former Captain Lee was recently injured while commanding a special reconnaissance mission in the enemy territory.

Reporter Lee Bo-bae, Hankyung.com newsinfo@hankyung.com

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