He ordered the secretary of the ECT to speed up the ‘correction’ of pre-registration errors. A good system was accepted, but he did not explain in detail.

The secretary of the Electoral Commission ordered to speed up the work of fixing pre-registration errors Received a good system, but did not explain in detail.

At 10:30 am on March 29 at the Electoral Commission (EC) Office Mr Sawang Boonmee The secretary general of the Election Commission of Thailand gave an interview on the progress of opening pre-election registration, saying that the Electoral Commission has prepared a system well, but did not explain in detail to the public. Caused some confusion at first But now it seems to be fixed.

Although there is the problem of registration, the system error, use the right on 14 May and it cannot be cancelled. Now the office knows about and will be reviewed to protect the rights of the people as soon as possible

case part Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn President Strategy to Drive Policy The Thai Party Seri Ruam (SorRor.) came out and noted that Thai people in some countries are registering to vote outside the Kingdom, but the date of the election has been set. On days that are not holidays Mr Sawang said After receiving the information, the office had to discuss how it was. It may be an opinion, not a fact. you may have to look at the legal conditions too But it is also one voice that must be heard too.

The reporter asked about the case of the appointment of the Central Administrative Court to investigate the electoral division of the Electoral Commission on March 30 that this matter is in court. Still unable to say much, but confirms that the Electoral Commission follows the constitution. and the Organic Act on the Election of Members of Parliament in zones, with the Election Commission assigning representatives to explain, however, it depends on the court how it will be considered.

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