He said he was going to help a trader in need … A persistent scammer who ran away with just the taxi ticket was arrested

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This is news that has been controversial all day today.

Anger is growing as the story of a customer who ordered more than 1 million pork belly at a restaurant did not appear without a word.

These days, the so-called ‘no show’ behaviour, which rings double for self-employed people who are still struggling, is common.

A repeat fraudster who tricked traders into buying so many things and running away with cash was caught by the police.

Reporter Woong-Seong Yoon covered the story.

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A woman comes into the shop and orders 2 million worth of salted fish.

He said he did not have money immediately, and after receiving the account number, he said he would deposit 40,000 won with him if he paid the taxi fare.

[피해 상인]

“He came to a small business to help the traders in need, so he wanted to sell them… But I couldn’t afford to think how many words he had said in 20 to 30 minutes.”

But after that, we lose touch.

This woman appeared in another restaurant three months later.

After making a group order worth hundreds of thousands of money, he promised to transfer the account by leaving his wallet in the car for repair, saying there is no taxi fee.

However, the phone number they gave me and the company they gave me were also fake.

[전영자/식당 사장]

“I called, 114. Then they said that there was nothing like this. This is a purchase. I just ordered chicken and asked what to do ….”

A woman in her 50s who was caught by the police has been robbing market traders with the same method by visiting about 10 clothing stores and restaurants in Daejeon for a year from June last year.

Although the revealed damage is a small amount of less than 100,000 won, the actual amount of damage is much more when considering the damage caused by fake spells.

[장병섭/대전중부경찰서 수사과장]

“It is considered that there are many cases where the amount is small and the negligence of the victim is not reported, but there are many difficulties in the investigation because the report is not reported.”

Police said you should not transfer money and items even with large orders until payment has been received.

This is Yoon Woong-seong from MBC News.

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