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Yesterday, the late Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom held a state funeral. Almost all members of the royal family were present to send the Queen’s last journey, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Only Prince Louis did not was present, and netizens asked about the little prince, location and various memes are made, which makes people look cute and funny.

Brother, Sister Stable at Prince Philip’s Funeral

So you can go to the Queen’s funeral

Prince Louis was absent from his great-grandmother’s funeral, and according to the Daily Mail, Prince William and his wife Kate were actually wrestling with whether or not to bring their children to the funeral.

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The final consideration was that Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who performed regularly at their great grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral in March, decided they would behave appropriately on a solemn occasion before deciding to have both children attend’ the funeral.

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Prince Louis is too young

so kept at home

What about Prince Louis? Sources say Prince William and Kate think Prince Louis is too young and are keeping him at home.

Prince Louis, who is only 4 years old this year, is at a wicked and mischievous age. I think that his changing emoticons at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration still impresses everyone. It is also reasonable for the main character to be “refused to attend” the Queen’s funeral.

Prince Louis’ reaction to watching the funeral broadcast at home:


Prince Louis sat at home watching the funeral broadcast,

DiscoverHe was the only person in their family with character.

Reasons for Prince Louis not being allowed to attend funerals

Parents know it!


It is believed that Prince Louis did not attend the funeral because he was too young.

The real reason: the funeral has a high chance of being ruined by him.


People without children: It is not right to leave Prince Louis at home and not let him go to the funeral.

Parents with children: I understand.


Prince Louis’ reaction to being told not to spoil the Queen’s funeral:


When William asked if he wanted to bring Prince Louis to the funeral

Kate’s response: “Of course not!”

Help! Are you worried if Prince Louis’ bodyguard is okay?


! Important news!

Witness Prince Louis’ nanny at the funeral first hand.


Protecting Prince Louis all day

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