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‘He was tortured as a child’, he was afraid to tell his mother; Nina Gupta with revelation!

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Bollywood actress Nina Gupta has revealed that she was abused as a child. The actress said that a doctor and a tailor tried to harass her and she did not tell her mother about the two incidents at that time. Nina Gupta says she reveals the truth out of fear that her mother will find her guilty. Nina’s revelations are in her recent autobiography.

The actress says that the doctor who examined her eye tried to torture her. First he examined the eye. However, the doctor’s examination extended to areas not in contact with the eye. He was frozen with nothing to do. I could not even move with fear. She says she felt disgusted when she returned home after the test.

Went home and sat in a corner where no one could see and burst into tears. He wanted no one to see him. No one knew about the incident and never wanted to tell her mother. The fear was that the mother would say it was her daughter’s fault. He was afraid that he would say that he had provoked the doctor. He was afraid that he would invite the doctor to touch his body with words or looks. Nina says she had bad experiences with the doctor not only for one day, but for several days afterwards.

In her recent autobiography, Nina also talks about how her tailor tried to harass her. The injury was caused by unnecessarily touching the body while measuring the garment. But because there was no other way, everything had to be endured. I felt like there was nothing else to do. If he says he is not going to the tailor, his mother will ask why. Then everything will have to be revealed – Nina wrote.

He adds that many of his classmates had similar experiences while in college but no one ever told those in charge. Their fear was that at least some of the freedom they were getting would be lost. He also feared that if the torture information came to light, he would not be able to come out later. Another was the fear that everyone would blame the victims. Nina Gupta last acted in Dial 100 with Manoj Bajpayee and Sakshi Tanwar.

English Summary: Neena Gupta Reveals She Was Molested When Young, Didn’t Tell Mother


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