he wins a 10-wheel truck worth 50 million FCFA!

Tchantcho Gilbert (TG) is the lucky winner of the ”Pro League”. A prize which rewards the largest national distributor of the products of a major local brewing company. Arriving like a hair in the soup, he creates a surprise and wins by winning hands down a delivery truck worth 50 million FCFA.

The perseverance and determination of this distributor of brewing products has been rewarded in a very good way. Indeed, the result which gave him the victory in front of the giants who were believed to hold the national distribution monopoly arrived to everyone’s surprise and raised the southern region to the Pantheon of the greatest consumers of brewing products of the past year. …

The engine at 10 wheels brand new was presented to the public through the media and it was with great fanfare with sounds and trumpets that the delivery truck was watered and received on September 6, 2023 within the confines of the depot Mvam Essakoe in his presence and that of a few relatives and friends who rushed to see the miracle with their own eyes:

<< This award is the result of teamwork because we realized that it is just one partner who often wins the prize. With my whole team, we took on the challenge and we realized that it wasn’t magic >>.

According to Alain Ngoueng the representative of the brewing company: < Every year, from October to December, we launch what we call in our jargon ”The league of pros” which, in fact, rewards our best distributors in different categories nationally. >>.

Among the selection criteria are accounting, sales volume, the presence of storage stores, logistics and human resources with the main objective of ensuring that our products are not broken.

We are curious to see if the winner Tchantcho Gilbert (TG) will be able to repeat the feat as was very often the case with other winners this year 2023. Wait and see…


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