He won millions in the lottery! An online trader solves the forty thousand eggs of Khai Wat Mai. Get multiple firecracker tails to keep winning

online merchant Decide on the four thousand new eggs. After winning the lottery number 789, become rich in millions, get the firecracker tail number to keep winning

(November 29, 2022) Reporters reported that In Wat Mai Si Muen, Si Muen Sub-District, Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, the atmosphere inside the temple is lively. There were villagers and supporters of the lottery coming to pay homage to the sacred things. Lord Wessuwan and Luang Pho Sut Buddhasaro or Phra Kru Sut, Wat Mai Si Muen to pray for goodness

Including paying homage to the child’s egg at Wat Chedi. Wat Mai Si Muen, Ratchaburi, where people from all faiths bring offerings, red water, spring rolls and firecrackers to offer. after the egg Giving luck in work, finance, including the matter of gambling that people get all their wishes come true.

Mr. Pannawit Nattanoraset, 55 years old, a villager in Kalasin Province. An online produce trader said he had come to pay homage to Ai Khai Wat Chedi. Wat Mai Si Muen, Ratchaburi In the past, the lottery was released in the past draw. After seeing in the news earlier, that a young woman brought firecrackers to offer 100,000 shots of firecrackers after the night, she had a dream that there A big bull comes to chase and gore his own car. So he took the number from the car registration number 2 fur 7789 to buy the prize It turns out he won a big prize of millions. it can be used to discharge all current debts So, today, I, together with my family and members of Ajarn Korn, have traveled to bring offerings and firecrackers in the amount of 100,000 to pay homage to Ai Khai Wat Chedi. Wat Mai Sa Si Muen, Ratchaburi, by itself brings the numbers at the end of the firecrackers who got the numbers 46 and 186 to bring them back to try their luck in the upcoming draw again.

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