He won selling a mask for 50,000 and refusing a refund… pharmacist pleads guilty

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A pharmacist who was handed over to trial admitted selling masks and bandages at a price well above the market price and refusing a customer’s request for a refund of the payments.

On the morning of the 21st, the 5th Daejeon District Court detective (Judge Kim Jeong-heon) held the first trial date for Mr. A (43), who was charged with fraud and obstructing business.

Mr A is accused of selling a bottle of painkiller, mask, bandage, and cold medicine at a price higher than the market price of 50,000 each last year. In this way, the difference worth 1.248 million won was found to have been stolen on a total of 25 occasions.

When a customer who confirmed the payment asked for a refund, he refused and made threats, such as stabbing a paper box with a weapon.

He is also accused of interfering with the business of a hospital in Sejong City in June and December last year, by making a fuss against a nurse.

Prosecutors noted, “Knowing that most of the drugstore customers paid without asking or checking the price, they sold drugs at a price above the market price and continued to threaten and assault victims who demanded ad -payments.”

Mr.’s lawyer acknowledged And all the facts of the prosecution and he said it reflects.

However, Mr. And that he suffers from bipolar affective disorder and is mentally and physically weak. It is alleged that at the time of the crime he was in a weak state of mind and body because he did not take medication, and was in hospital for a month to treat mental illness.

Meanwhile, Mr. And currently reporting on the closure of the pharmacy.

Reporter Kim Soo-young Hankyung.com [email protected]

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