Head coach Atsushi Ohno’s first triumphant return game at Funabashi Arena wins at his old club, Chiba Jets win last game of the year and win 7 in a row – Basket Count |

Commander Chiba J “I was able to shoot with good rhythm and confidence”

On December 31st, the Chiba Jets and Sanen Neophoenix played against each other. This game was the first triumphant victory for head coach Atsushi Ohno, who led Chiba J. until last season. , ending the last game of the year at 100-70.

First of all, Chiba J will take the lead. As coach John Patrick praised, “I think I was able to shoot confidently from the start with a good rhythm.” If you create ideal form, you will make five three-point shots in a row and have a double-digit lead in the first three and a half minutes. In defense, he doesn’t let Sanen go free without making a gap by using a lot of switches. In addition, John Mooney, who was on the road, secured a defensive rebound and did not give the opponent a second chance, and finished the first quarter with a big lead of 26-12.

In the 2nd quarter, Santo, chasing a 14-point difference, creates a shooting opportunity by shaking Chiba J with an offense that actively moves off the ball when Thirdy Ravena directs a score with a pick and roll with Isaiah Hicks. Defensively, they were seriously fouled against shooting contests, and they gave up points with free throws, etc., but managed to prevent points conceded from inside the 3-2 zone. And with Kazuki Hosokawa, who scored 9 points including only 3 transitions in this quarter, he scored by choice and role and urgency to reduce the behind to 10 points in the remaining 4 minutes.

Chased by Chiba J, after the requested break ended just after the gap was reduced to 10 points, Christopher Smith, who scored 40 points in the previous division, sank his second shot 3 points a day to cut off Santo’s flow. . In the 2 minutes remaining, Vic Law tipped a loose ball from a teammate, and immediately after that, the defense returned to the bottom of their own goal and showed a block of rice field.

In the 3rd quarter, Chiba J began to aggressively aim for 3-point shots against Sanen, and the zone remained unchanged. Although the number of successful shots is small, it is easier to attack the inside by worrying about the outside, and the second chance from the offensive rebound is taken advantage of. In addition, with 5 minutes and 30 seconds remaining, Santo’s fifth team was fouled, and when the offense became easier to develop, Fumio Nishimura and Mooney scored more points from the selection games, and the 3 minutes and another half of this quarter. I decided the game with a difference of 23 points.

The head coach Ohno of Sanen looks back on today’s bitterly victorious match as follows. “I have nothing to say about this loss.

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