‘head’ pacers in Australia; India with tricks and air travel – Rohit, Kohli, Dravid gave their business class tickets to pacers

Rohit, Virat Kohli and coach Rahul Dravid have given up their business class seats on the plane for the team’s pacers.

The performance of the pace bowlers is more important than the batsmen in Australian cricket fields. Pacers can change the course of the game with one over.

In big tournaments like the Twenty20 World Cup, the journey after the match can be tiring for any player. Especially for pace bowlers, they are prone to severe pain in the leg and outside.

But captain Rohit Sharma and his team have come to Australia to overcome all this.

Rohit, Virat Kohli and coach Rahul Dravid have given away their business class seats on the plane considering the physical difficulties of the pacers in the team. Mohammad Shami, Arshadeep Singh, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Hardik Pandya have been left behind.

“The pacers do the most running on the field, so rest is essential for their legs. “It was decided even before the tournament started that they would not face any kind of difficulty,” a member of the Indian team support staff told The Indian Express.

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC) guidelines, a team will be given four business class tickets. These four are usually given to captain, vice-captain, head coach and team manager. The Indian team’s move is based on an early understanding that the matches and traveling every three or four days will tire the legs of the pacers.

By the end of the tournament, the Indian team will have traveled around 34,000 km. The three regions of Australia have different climates in each of the three regions. In such a situation, fast bowlers are more likely to get injured.