Heads of organizations who change their words and pass them on… A pavement to avoid the investigative knife?

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While the investigation into the 10.29 disaster is gradually moving towards higher level institutions, the heads of key institutions are making statements one after the other that seem to avoid legal responsibility.

These are words that change someone’s point of view and say something different, or shift responsibility to a superior or inferior.

Reporter Kim Hyun-ji pointed out the fact.

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Minister Lee Sang-min’s comments about the authority to control and supervise the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s police changed greatly before and after the October 29 disaster.

Even while promoting the establishment of a new police station, Minister Lee insisted that “the Ministry of Home Affairs and Security can oversee security matters and direct and supervise the police.”

[이상민 / 행정안전부 장관 (6월 27일)]

“It says, ‘The National Police Agency is under the control of the Minister for Public Administration and Security.’ If you look at the law, the authority of the Minister of Public Administration and Security over the police is clearly stated in many places. ”

However, after the disaster, he seems to be drawing a line with the police establishment.

[이상민/행정안전부 장관 – 문진석/민주당 의원 (16일)]

“The National Police Agency is a separate agency, and I can’t go to all those organizations and look after other people’s lives, right?

It is noted that he is trying to avoid legal responsibility while the Special Investigation Headquarters has booked Minister Lee and is checking the issue of police management.

The heads of major police agencies are also refusing to admit responsibility, although they “will be reprimanded”.

[윤희근 / 경찰청장 (7일)]

“I made that judgment based on the fact that there would be no problem with the situation in the city on the 29th, even if I dealt with it as the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. No one, including the police, to have imagined a situation like this.”

In particular, the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the head of the Yongsan Police Station held a truth battle over the request for riot police and blaming the other party.

[김광호 / 서울경찰청장 (7일)]

“There was no request from the Yongsan Police Station (surveillance squad)…”

[이임재 /전 용산경찰서장 (16일)]

“I have the opinion that it is quite difficult realistically for me to make another suggestion regarding the results of the Seoul Commissioner’s review twice…”

It’s similar to the comments that disagree with reports from lower-level employees, saying, “I didn’t know, so I couldn’t deal with it.”


“I didn’t get a report before 11:39.”


“(Didn’t you get a report from the officers?) Didn’t get it.”


“We have not received a single report.”

It is doubtful whether it is a coincidence that heads of organizations seem to be trying to avoid the arrow of ‘neglecting attention to work’ even though they have been criticized.

This is Kim Hyun-ji from MBC News.

Video editing: Park Hye-rin

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