“Health care provider Thira” pointed out that the total quantity of covids now is clearly down, hoping for a new explosion in December.

On September 12, 2022 Assoc.Prof.Dr., Teera Worathanarat, MD or “Medical professional Thira” Faculty of Drugs Chulalongkorn College posted on Facebook “Thira Woratanarat” about the issue. covid right now notice that

698 –> Predicted 23,267, a apparent drop

The preceding wave, Thailand, we ended up typically in a quiet time period for about 6-10 months. With any luck , it will keep on to be very good. If there is a new eruption like the past wave It will be through the month of December.

Currently around the world there are no new species that have distribute greatly. But you have to be pretty careful Strain BA.2.75, BA.4.6, and BJ.1

Use your daily lifetime consciously, carefully, and often defend your self.

Putting on a mask the right way This will greatly lower the risk.

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At the identical time, he also pointed out that on September 12, 2022, yesterday there had been 285,152 more individuals in the environment, 603 additional folks died, a complete of 613,694,480 people died, a total of 6,516,263 people.

The 5 most infected are:

  1. Japan
  2. Russia
  3. Taiwan
  4. South Korea
  5. France

Yesterday, the quantity of new bacterial infections had nations around the world from Europe and Asia occupying eight of the prime 10 and 16 of the top 20 in the earth.

The amount of new infections each day in the environment now. from Asia and Europe With each other they accounted for 93.79% of the world’s inhabitants, even though the number of deaths accounted for 88.72%.

Epidemic situation in Thailand

According to Worldometer info this morning, the quantity of fatalities yesterday is 9th best in the globe and 5th in Asia, although the Ministry of Health has modified the reporting procedure from 1 May well until eventually the quantity of stories has been enormously lowered.

Difficulties to contemplate relating to the plancountrywide antiviral drug

What just are antiviral prescription drugs applied for?

Sought after clinical outcomes (Preferred scientific limitations) is to decrease the probability of critical sickness. reduce mortality Decrease or reduce the total of virus in the body

Shouldn’t these factors be the key components in identifying the efficiency of antiviral medication?

There was no modify in fever, pulse, blood force, respiration, which had been scientific variables that did not correspond to the sought after final result. We contact it surrogate outcomes.

Oblique variables like this may possibly or may possibly not correspond to the preferred consequence. There could be other factors that influence that indirect variable as well.

interesting is insurance policies for people today in that society it should describe that In the end, what influence does the drug count on? and other selections Which results are improved, equal or worse It exhibits the empirical evidence used in just about every consideration. and led to the recognize that Right after all, why use that drug?

If we can do this there will be confusion The nationwide methods will be made use of effectively and expense successfully. and folks in modern society will be in a position to make conclusions and behave properly

In the end, do you believe all people is hoping for it? to shield the welfare and security of people’s life

So, if we think we are what do we do And how do we make your mind up what to use? That is possibly the remedy.


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