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Health expert “Tokyo Olympic Athletes’ Village cluster infection is in progress”

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Choi Won-jin = In connection with the successive cases of COVID-19 infection at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, one health expert claims that the cluster infection from the athletes’ village is expected.

[도쿄 로이터=뉴스핌] Reporter Wonjin Choi = The Olympic ring was installed in front of the National Stadium in Japan The National Stadium is the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics. 2021.07.20 [email protected]

According to Reuters on the 20th, Shibuya Kenji, who served as the director of the Population Health Research Institute at King’s College London, said, “It is clear that the bubble control system has been broken to some extent. Group infections occur in villages and lodging facilities,” he said.

The bubble quarantine system is a quarantine measure devised by the Japanese government and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection during the Olympics. The goal is to minimize contact and movement of Olympic athletes and officials with local residents.

However, there is no perfect defense. It is near impossible to control each movement and movement of the 11,000 players, former general manager Shibuya points out.

On the 15th, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach assured that the risk of infecting Japanese residents through diagnostic testing and isolation is close to ‘zero’, but Shibuya said, “Actually, would be the complete opposite” and “just confuse and upset people.”

Recently, three confirmed cases were confirmed in the Olympic Village. According to NHK Broadcasting on this day, a total of 67 Olympic athletes and officials have been confirmed positive since the 1st of this month.

On the 17th, Tokyo, when the state of emergency was declared, recorded 1410 daily confirmed cases. This is the highest figure in six months, and the delta-mutated virus is spreading rapidly.

With Japan’s primary vaccination rate of around 33%, health experts warn that the seasonal nature of summer, increased migration and the spread of the delta-mutant virus could lead to a surge in confirmed cases.

Some experts predict that the average number of new cases per day in Tokyo next month will exceed 2,000. This could eventually lead to the collapse of the Tokyo medical system.

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