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Health functional food, the child must find first

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[뉴스토마토 동지훈 기자] There are many families who are worried about their children’s dietary habits. Children who eat less than half a meal, children who are worried about nutritional imbalance due to a lot of reluctance to eat, and children who refuse to sit at the table themselves are diverse.

At this time, children’s health functional food is what they are looking for to support the healthy growth of children. However, if you choose a product blindly, you can be at a loss. If it is a health functional food that is not eaten because it does not suit the taste of the child, it is apt to accumulate in a corner of the house and fall into difficult treatment.

Most of the product lineup of ‘Mini Max Jungle’ was made up of gummy jelly.

A Dong-A Pharmaceutical official said, “Through our own investigation, we selected the children’s health functional food formulation preferred by children and parents, and then proceeded to develop the product in the form most preferred by children who directly consume the product.” It is often recommended to children who are suffering from nutritional problems, but I decided that if you eat well without feeling repulsed, you will be able to efficiently supplement the lack of nutrition.”

The taste of the product was also applied to reflect the diverse tastes of children. Minimax Jungle’s flagship product, multi-vitamin/mineral, has the strawberry flavor most preferred by children. Calcium/vitamin D is grape flavor, vitamin C is pineapple flavor, vitamin D is mango flavor, and Omega-3 is lemon/orange flavored gummi jelly. all.

Even products that are not gummi jelly can feel the flavor of delicious fruit. Powdered probiotics and zinc have a berry flavor, while spray-type propolis has a black elderberry flavor.

The Minimax Jungle was designed by Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s own Children’s Health Research Center. The Dong-A Pharmaceutical Children’s Health Research Center aims to research various health issues in children’s daily life and to propose medicines, health functional foods, and cosmetics for physical, emotional, social, and environmental growth and development. Champ Syrup, an antipyretic drug for children, which ranked first in domestic sales for the past three years until last year, is a representative work.

The nutritional design of Minimax Jungle was made by calculating the quantity based on the dietary habits of Korean children. Supplementary ingredients were also carefully selected by the Children’s Health Research Team. In Minimax Jungle, 5 kinds of fruit and vegetables (tomato, broccoli, grape seed, cranberry, elderberry) and fructooligosaccharide were used as auxiliary ingredients. Fructooligosaccharides are a kind of prebiotics that help to create a balanced intestinal environment as food for beneficial bacteria.

A Dong-A Pharmaceutical official said, “Children are a more demanding class than any other consumer, so rigorous research and consumer research are essential.” We will continue to conduct R&D,” he said.

By Dong Ji-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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