Health: National Organ Donation Day: why is it celebrated on September 26?

Specialists and workers in the health sector consider that in Mexico there is not a culture of donation as deep-rooted as is needed. It is for this reason that this day has been implemented on September 26 of each year with the purpose of raising awareness in Mexican society and reflecting on the value of donation.

Organ donation can be carried out in two ways: The first is known as cadaveric donation, this is carried out post-mortem, that is, after the person has died. The second is the living donationwhich consists of donating organs and tissues without affecting the health of the donor, an example is the donation of blood or platelets.

Another fact that you should know is that The decision to become a donor can be made tacitlythis remains in the hands of the relative of the deceased if the person is in conditions that no longer allow them to express their feelings.

The next way is through a document whether or not they express their desire to donate after their death or by verbal expressionthe person can request to be a donor if they wish.

To learn more information about this, we recommend that you go to your nearest health center.



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