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Health Net” Can you control your blood sugar by eating a vegetarian diet?High intake of refined starch but poor control

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Vegetarians cannot eat meat, so the common dietary problem is excessive intake of refined starch. Whole grains should be used instead of refined starch to control blood sugar. (Bloomberg)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Being vegetarian often gives people a very “healthy” impression, and it seems that they can also lower blood sugar. The nutritionist pointed out that it is a myth that being vegetarian can lower blood sugar. The common dietary problems of vegetarians are excessive intake of refined starches or fruits, insufficient protein intake, etc., which will make blood sugar control poor. If diabetic patients want to rely on vegetarianism alone. It is impractical to lower blood sugar. After all, food can only regulate, improve, and delay the rise in blood sugar.

Lin Licen, a nutritionist at home in Shuangbei City, posted on the Facebook fan “Lin Licen Nutritionist’s Little World” and his personal platform “Lin Licen Nutritionist’s Little World” that vegetarians cannot eat meat, so most of the common dietary problems are delicate. Excessive intake of starch, such as white steamed buns, white toast, bread, biscuits, etc., or excessive intake of fruits, or insufficient intake of protein foods, etc., and such a diet pattern can find that blood fat and blood sugar are not necessarily well controlled. There are even many vegetarians who have high triglycerides or have poor blood sugar control.

Lin Licen emphasized that vegetarian diabetic patients need to replace refined rice and flour products with an appropriate amount of whole grains. They must take in enough protein foods and complement the skills of amino acids, and eat enough vegetables and fruits to do so. Stable control of blood sugar.

Lin Licen pointed out that for many vegetarians with diabetes, the intake of vegetables is sufficient, but protein foods are ignored. In addition to the limited source of protein food, the intake is also insufficient and feels less satiety, which leads to the tendency of the dietary ratio to be mostly starchy foods. , Making vegetarian diabetic patients have poor blood sugar control, more hungry between meals, and increase the chance of eating bread and biscuits.

Lin Licen explained that inadequate intake of protein food will make people less and less physically strong and resistant, becoming susceptible to illness or difficult to get well after being ill, and it will also affect the regulation of physiology and hormones; most vegetarians have protein sources. Because soybeans and related products are mostly, the amino acid of soybeans lacks methionine (an essential amino acid for the human body). It is recommended to combine with cereals to achieve the concept of amino acid complementarity and make the intake of amino acids more For completeness, it also helps vegetarians’ physiological function adjustment and tissue repair and construction.

Lin Licen reminded that you also need to pay attention to processed vegetarian products, such as: sweet gluten, vegetarian ham, vegetarian meat, etc., most of which are added with more fats and seasonings. If sugar is added to the flavor, it is even more important for diabetics. Landmines.

Lin Licen further explained that vegetarians are prone to excessive fruit intake. The vast majority of the reason is that the fruit intake is relatively increased due to the large number of fruit offerings. However, excessive fruit intake will cause blood sugar and even blood lipids to get out of control.

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