Health Net” only takes 4 seconds of exercise!Medicine: Metabolic fat burning can last a long day after sitting for a long time

5 times an hour, by stepping on the flywheel, squatting and climbing stairs, each 4 seconds can promote metabolic health and reverse the damage caused by sedentary to the human body. (Data photo, photo by reporter Chen Yun)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Sitting in front of the office all day, even if you go for an hour after get off work, there is no way to compensate for the damage caused by sedentary metabolism. The doctor pointed out that 4 seconds of exercise can reverse the damage caused by sedentary. Improve human metabolic health.

Taoyuan Hengxin Rehabilitation Clinic physician Wang Siheng posted a video sharing in the “One-Minute Fitness Classroom” on YouTube. In a study recently published in the “American Journal of Sports Medicine”, 8 subjects were in the “Sedentary Group”. They have to sit and sit for 8 hours all day, only going to the toilet and eating can get up, but in the “4-second exercise group”, they were asked to get up 5 times an hour, pedaling on the flywheel with all their strength for 4 seconds, The flywheel reaches its fastest speed from a standstill, then comes down and continues to sit for a long time.

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Wang Siheng explained that even if the exercise for 4 seconds is repeated for 8 hours a day, it will only accumulate in the end, but only 2 minutes and 40 seconds, and every 4 seconds, there is no breath or soreness. Is it really effective? According to the results of this study, the blood draw report after a meal the next day really found that 4 seconds of exercise can increase the body’s fat burning efficiency by 43%, and postprandial triglycerides are also reduced by 31%. 4 seconds of exercise really does That’s enough.

No flywheel for 4 seconds of movement?Squats and stairs are also effective

Wang Siheng said that sitting for a long time will damage the body’s ability to metabolize and burn fat. Sitting for too long without using muscles will make it fall asleep. After sitting for too long and then eating a big meal, the excess oil will scatter in the blood. Therefore, it is very helpful to exercise the muscles frequently. If you want to lose the fat in the abdomen, you still have to eat Start.

Wang Siheng said that if there is no flywheel in your home or office, you can replace it with a fast barehand squat for 4 seconds. The same effect should be obtained. If you do squats in the workplace, your boss and colleagues will squint. It is recommended to climb at the fastest speed. On the first floor of the stairs, if there is really no way to get up 5 times an hour, get up every 30-60 minutes, do a 10-20 second squat, although the effect will be worse, but doing it is definitely better than not doing it well. Just a little bit of exercise can improve metabolic health. In today’s era of civilizational diseases, spending 4 seconds of exercise is really cost-effective.

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