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Passion fruit can protect eyes and help defecation, and its high fiber properties also help reduce the risk of diabetes, remind sugar lovers not to eat more than 6 tablets a day. (The picture is taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Passion fruit is not only sweet and sour, refreshing and relieving greasiness. The small one actually contains rich nutrition. Li Wanping, a nutritionist at Rongxin Clinic, posted on his personal platform “Li Wanping’s Nutrition World” that passion fruit can protect eyes and help defecation. Its high fiber properties also help reduce the risk of diabetes. When purchasing, it is recommended that people choose those with smooth and dark skin and heavier weight. In addition, it should be noted that diabetic patients should not eat more than 6 tablets a day.

Eye protection and bowel aid can also help iron absorption

Li Wanping said that after cutting the passion fruit, the yellow juice and countless small black seeds in it seem to be nothing. In fact, there are many nutrients. It not only contains protein, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C, but also has high potassium ions and vitamin A. The iron content is also quite good. Among them, vitamin A and vitamin C are both important nutrients for strengthening the immune system and help improve resistance to colds, flu or other common infections; vitamin A also maintains the normal function of epithelial cells and protects the skin , Maintain normal vision. At the same time, because it has both vitamin C and iron, it can also make its own plant-based iron better absorbed.

In terms of dietary fiber, Li Wanping pointed out that if the average size of passion fruit is about 70 grams per piece, about 3.2 grams of dietary fiber can be obtained by taking two pieces, which is equivalent to the amount of 3 bowls of cabbage. Peristalsis, good bacteria in the intestine and increased satiety are beneficial.

Passion fruit high in fiber helps reduce the risk of diabetes

Can I eat passion fruit even with high blood sugar? Li Wanping said, yes! First of all, in terms of GI value (glycemic index) and GL value (glycemic load), the research literature pointed out that passion fruit is lower in these two values, which means that after eating it, the blood sugar rises more slowly. The impact on blood sugar is small. In addition, some documents mention the ingredients contained in passion fruit, which may help reduce the risk of diabetes, and the inference is mainly high in fiber.

Li Wanping mentioned that an article published in the journal Food Chemistry showed that the dietary fiber contained in passion fruit seeds can significantly inhibit amylase activity and delay the absorption of glucose, which may be beneficial for controlling postprandial blood sugar. Another study on passion fruit peel powder found that when passion fruit peel powder is used as a treatment adjuvant for patients with type 2 diabetes, it can reduce their insulin resistance.

Li Wanping cited another small-scale study, which was to randomly give subjects an antioxidant substance called piceatannol extracted from passion fruit seeds. After 8 consecutive weeks, the metabolic status of overweight men was achieved. Improvements include improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood pressure.

Li Wanping reminded that despite the above-mentioned research results, diabetic patients should not eat uncontrollably. Calculated based on a serving of about 2 passion fruit, no more than 4-6 pieces a day (different in size), and no other fruits should be eaten and should be distributed among meals to avoid blood sugar still rising!

Passion fruit selection 2 essentials

●Look at the appearance:Ripe fruits with smooth skin, darker color and reddish purple should be better. However, there is still a kind of golden passion fruit with yellow skin, even if it matures, the skin is light yellow. If there are wrinkles, it means that it has been left for a while, and the sweetness is sweeter and the price is more cost-effective!

●Weight:Comparing two pieces of similar size, the heavier the weight means that the juice and pulp contained are fuller.

Li Wanping said that in addition to being eaten directly, passion fruit has a sweet and sour taste and has many variations in how it is eaten. It can be made into juice, jam, dessert, and can also be eaten with yogurt; as a sauce for cold side dishes, and green Papaya, lotus root, pumpkin, cucumber, kohlrabi, white radish, etc. are all quick matches; occasionally when you want to have sweet and sour dishes, use passion fruit to season it, which is more fragrant and delicious!

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