“Health Net” sister and younger brother with rashes turned chicken pox doctor encouraged to get 2 doses of Health Net Without vaccine

The siblings found rashes on their bodies after a trip during their holiday, but they thought it was a mosquito bite, but later found out they had chicken pox. The doctor reminded that chicken pox is very contagious, and it is recommended to receive 2 doses of the vaccine; the situation picture, the people in the picture have nothing to do with this article. (image taken from freepik)

[Sianel Iechyd/Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]A pair of siblings found rashes on their bodies after a holiday trip, but they thought it was mosquito bites, but they didn’t know they were getting bigger and bigger, and it was itchy more and more. They were scratching all night before going to the doctor. The children had prurigo all over their bodies, and half of them had been scratched. After being examined by a doctor, it was found that they should be suffering from chicken pox.

Ou Shujuan, an attending pediatrician at Taoyuan Rikang Clinic, posted on her Facebook fan page “Pediatric Female Doctor Emily Ou Shujuan” and her personal website that chicken pox is more common in winter and early spring and is contagious ok The route of transmission is contact with chicken pox lesions (wash your hands if you touch it), droplet infection (which can be prevented by wearing a mask), and airborne infection (which cannot be prevented by wearing a mask).

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He said that many people think that chicken pox will be fine once they get it, but in reality, the chicken pox virus will stay in the body for life, and when immunity is low (young and old) , it will break out into. herpes zoster (commonly known as ringworm) Can infect family members and cause children to get chicken pox. In addition, shingles can have serious complications such as blindness, deafness, or postherpetic neuralgia which can cause depression.

Ou Shujuan pointed out that the Taiwan Pediatric Infectious Diseases Medical Association recommends 2 doses of the vaccine to prevent chicken pox:

●First dose: free vaccine (at least 1 year old).

●Second dose: Vaccination at your own expense (around 4 years old).

Studies have shown that one dose of chickenpox vaccine is about 81 percent protective, and two full doses of chickenpox vaccine are about 92 percent protective, he said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that children aged 4-6 can receive the second dose of the varicella vaccine at their own expense according to the doctor’s advice. If the child has gone beyond the recommended vaccination age, the vaccine can still be given. There is still time before the child gets chickenpox Arrange for the child to have the second dose as soon as possible.

However, Ou Shujuan reminded that the following people should not be vaccinated against chicken pox:

● Pregnant women: For non-pregnant women who are vaccinated, contraception is required for 1 month after vaccination.

●Those who have experienced serious side effects from the varicella vaccine.

● Those who are not suitable for live attenuated vaccines due to their own diseases.

High risk of mutual infection, young and old, 3 points to prevent chicken pox

Ou Shujuan said that studies have shown that if a person suffers from chicken pox, the probability that her family will be infected is as high as 85-90%, and the risk of joint infection is very high, as are her classmates and teachers. For children who have never had chicken pox, if they get the varicella vaccine as soon as possible within 72 hours of coming into contact with the patient, the chance of being infected can be greatly reduced; if they are vaccinated within 5 days at the earliest, they still have 70% protection.

He said chicken pox can be prevented from 3 points:

● Vaccination:Prevention is still better than cure.

● Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene:Wash your hands before meals, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose with bare hands, and cover your mouth with your arm when you cough.

● Maintain indoor air circulation:Avoid staying in a confined space for a long time, and wear a mask if unavoidable.

In addition, Ou Shujuan explained that people who have had chicken pox already have antibodies in their bodies, and the chance of re-infection is very low. However, the chicken pox virus will remain hidden in the body, and if the immunity is weakened in the future, there may be a risk of herpes zoster cases. Therefore, it is recommended that people over the age of 18 consider receive the herpes zoster vaccine.

He emphasized that chicken pox is not a small disease like a cold, and generally speaking, the older the age, the more severe the symptoms after infection. Once an adult is infected, it can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, secondary infection and sepsis, etc. , which requires hospitalization, or even In severe cases, there is a risk of death.

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