“Health Net” will really be “tired to bursting liver”?Doctor: Acute liver failure is not necessarily related to staying up late for a long time

The doctor pointed out that more than 60% of acute liver failure in Taiwan is directly related to hepatitis B infection, but not necessarily related to staying up late for a long time and getting tired; the picture shows a situational photo. (The picture is taken from pexels)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]”I’m so tired that my liver will explode!” Will the liver really explode? Chen Jingrui, the attending physician of the Family Medicine Department of Shuanghe Hospital, shared in the Facebook Fans, “Family Medicine, Dr. Chen Jingrui” that there is no medical name called “Blood Liver”. The closer one should be acute liver failure, which can also be called Mengbang. Hepatitis. Acute liver failure is more than just staying up late and feeling tired, it is a liver disease with high risk and high fatality rate!

Chen Jingrui pointed out that acute liver failure is a liver disease with high risk and high fatality rate. It is not necessarily related to staying up late and getting tired for a long time. In Taiwan, more than 60% of acute liver failure is directly related to hepatitis B infection. Therefore, patients infected with viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, C), even if they have no symptoms, should return to the clinic to check the liver function regularly. They should have a balanced diet and regular work and rest to prevent the liver index from soaring!

Common causes of acute liver failure

● Viral hepatitis:The most common cause is viral hepatitis caused by hepatitis B. Infection with hepatitis B has a 1% chance of causing blast hepatitis; hepatitis A has a 0.1% chance; hepatitis C is relatively rare.

Patients with viral hepatitis should pay special attention to a regular life and a balanced diet to avoid inducing severe hepatitis.

●Drug induced:Overdose of certain types of drugs may also cause violent hepatitis. The most common is the analgesic and antipyretic drugs whose main ingredient is acetaminophen (commonly known as pu Na Pain).

Chen Jingrui explained that if the drug is used excessively without following the doctor’s advice, when the toxic metabolites of the drug cannot be excreted, it will cause a large number of liver cell necrosis and cause abnormal liver function. In addition, uric acid-lowering drugs and certain drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis may also induce liver damage. Taking medicine should follow the doctor’s advice and closely follow the liver function.

●Indiscriminately taking herbal medicines and remedies:Taking herbs, traditional Chinese medicines and supplements of unknown origin may also cause acute liver failure due to hepatotoxic ingredients.

●Excessive drinking:If patients with alcoholic liver disease drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, when the body’s immune response is induced, a large number of liver cells will become inflamed or even necrotic, which will cause acute liver failure.

●Metabolism disorders:Metabolic diseases that cause acute liver failure include Reye’s syndrome, Wilson’s disease, fatty liver of pregnancy, etc., which are not common.

Chen Jingrui said that most acute liver failures come quickly and urgently. If jaundice occurs with yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, you should seek medical attention immediately to find out the root cause of sudden liver cell necrosis. Early detection and early treatment may lead to recovery.

The progression of acute liver failure is divided into 4 parts

●The initial symptoms are like normal hepatitis symptoms, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are easy.

●Then appear jaundice, brown urine, the most obvious is that the whites of the eyes turn yellow.

●With more and more liver tissue damage, after the liver loses its ability to produce protein and albumin, water in the body will accumulate in the lower limbs or abdominal cavity, causing ascites and foot swelling. Ascites may cause severe peritonitis.

●Liver function continues to be lost, ammonia in the body cannot be excreted by metabolism, and ammonia-containing substances reach the brain and damage the central nervous system with the blood. The patient begins to develop hepatic encephalopathy, causing symptoms such as paresthesia, mood changes, drowsiness, and severe hepatic coma. , Is a common cause of death in acute liver failure.

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