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Many severely ill patients not only have a bad coma index, but also often have seizures or abnormal brain waves. Scientific evidence has found that even asymptomatic epilepsy can damage the brain, but those with abnormal brain waves are the high-death group. (Schematic diagram, Reuters file photo)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Many severely ill patients with Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) not only have a bad coma index, but also often have seizures or abnormal brain waves. The doctor said that scientific evidence found that, Even asymptomatic epilepsy can damage the brain, but those with abnormal brain waves are the high-death group.

Thoracic Cavity and Critical Care Specialist Huang Xuan wrote on the Facebook fan page “Dr. Ooi Hean Huang Xuan” that epileptic seizures are generally serious neurological diseases and one of the common complications. In fact, there are still most seizures that are not obvious, such as seizures in severely ill patients. The symptoms are usually insignificant convulsions, or even completely asymptomatic. In addition, during the recent spread of the epidemic, Beth Israel Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, for 197 confirmed cases of COVID-19, whether they have seizures or not, they have done brainwave tests to see these Whether there is random discharge phenomenon in human brain function.

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Huang Xuan said that a study by the International Journal of Neurology Annals found that 96 (48.7%) confirmed cases of COVID-19 will have abnormal brain waves. For patients with abnormal brainwaves, clinical symptoms and mortality during hospitalization are four times more likely than those without epileptic seizures (hazard ratio [HR] 4.07 [1.44–11.51], p < 0.01)。另外,有9.6%的COVID-19確診病例,腦波測試異常者,臨床卻又完全無症狀癲癇發作的感染者,他們的住院天數,又都比正常腦波者,更較長。值得關注的是,研究人員發現,有發生癲癇症狀的,也不是死亡的主要因子,反而是腦波異常者,無論有無症狀,都是高死亡的族群。

Huang Xuan further said that the researchers found that people with a history of neurological diseases have 2.34 times, OR=2.34, and the brain will discharge randomly. During hospitalization, if the inflammation index CRP rises, the risk is 1.48 times, OR=1.48, and the brain is also prone to random electric discharge. Only after hospitalization was diagnosed with COVID-19 virus. Researchers believe that COVID-19 infection was discovered after a delay. Of the patients, the brain is 1.46 times the risk of the high-risk group of random electric discharge, OR=1.46.

Epileptic seizures in children after infection are not too dangerous

Huang Xuan said that in general, children are much less likely to be infected with COVID-19 than adults, and the symptoms are usually fever and mild respiratory problems. In addition, of the 175 children diagnosed with COVID-19 in the emergency room of an Israeli hospital, 11 of them went to the doctor because of seizures. A study published in the medical journal Seizure found that only 7 of these 11 children had been previously Only 6 people were diagnosed with a neurological disease and had fever. Later, these 11 children also fully recovered. Researchers believe that children with COVID-19 are not only less severely ill, but most of them are mild. Even if the seizure occurs, it is not too dangerous. In this study, the mortality rate is 0.00%.

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