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King Mushrooms taste similar to chicken, making them a good choice for vegetarians. (Image taken from freepik)

[Sianel Iechyd / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]Mushrooms are actually vegetables! Common mushrooms are shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, etc., which are rich in polysaccharides and amino acids and high in fiber. Dietician Zhang Yiting explained that mushrooms contain a variety of essential amino acids and nucleic acids, which are a good choice for modern people to prevent cancer and maintain a healthy state.

Analysis of 5 Common Mushrooms

Zhang Yiting mentioned in the Facebook fan page “Nutrition Peach Qi – Nutritionist Yiting” that mushrooms are also very helpful in preventing cancer. Because they are rich in polysaccharides, they can help fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and improve immune function, along with its own low sodium, high potassium, rich in a variety of minerals, moderate consumption can help stabilize blood pressure. Here are some common mushroom effects:

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● Mushrooms: rich in vitamin D, polysaccharides, dietary fiber, and selenium, which can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also contains a mushroom polysaccharide (Lentinan), which was found in animal experiments to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and improve the activity of immune T cells.
● Pleurotus eryngii: Rich in potassium, it can help eliminate excess sodium and maintain stable blood pressure; it is rich in vegetable protein and tastes like chicken, making it a good choice for vegetarians.
● Flammulina velutipes: high in fiber, containing a variety of essential amino acids and rich in vitamin B1, it is an essential nutrient in nutritional metabolism and maintaining physical strength. Another study confirmed that the arginine rich in Flammulina velutipes can prevent tumor formation.
Xiuzhen Mushroom: rich in vitamin B group and zinc, which can help improve the activity of immune cells, and rich in amino acids which can help repair cell tissue. Other studies have shown that the glycoprotein it contains has anti-cancer effects.
Hongxi Mushroom: Also known as Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, it is rich in selenium, folic acid, and polysaccharides, and has a slightly bitter taste when eaten; selenium is an antioxidant nutrient, which can greatly prevent cell oxidation and cancer.

Do not eat mushrooms that are discolored and watery

Zhang Yiting introduced that because mushrooms are fungi in living things, they cannot produce nutrients without chlorophyll, so they usually grow parasitically on trees or rotten wood. Most of the mushrooms that are often eaten are now artificially grown.

Zhang Yiting reminded that although those containing soil are fresher, remember to clean the soil when eating mushrooms, and pay attention to see if there is discoloration or water leakage, to avoid eating old ingredients. When cooking, it is recommended to cook it before eating it. Folic acid and potassium are all nutrients that dissolve in water. It should not be cooked for too long. It is good practice to cook it directly or cook it with other meals.

Easy Starter Recipe Recommendations

1.Miso King Oyster Mushroom

Exercise: Wash the king oyster mushrooms and cut them into pieces Dissolve the miso in hot water to make a seasoning. After adjusting to the desired concentration, pour it on the mushrooms and bake them in a 200 degree oven for about 15 -20 minutes.
2.Scrambled Eggs with Xiuzhen Mushrooms

Method: Wash and cut Xiuzhen mushrooms, stir-fry with eggs, add carrots, green onions, etc. according to your choice, season with salt and black pepper, and you’re done.
3.Scallops, Loofah, Hongxi Mushroom

Method: Wash and slice the loofah and Hongxi mushrooms, steam them with the scallops after sanding them, adjust the seasoning according to the taste and saltiness, and use the sweetness of the loofah and scallops to reduce the bitterness of Hongxi mushrooms . a dish suitable for summer.

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