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For diabetic patients, drinking a drink containing 15 grams of whey protein 10 minutes before three meals can reduce the 24-hour average blood sugar by about 10.8 mg/dl; the picture shows the situation photo. (Picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Drinking “whey protein” before meals has been shown to help diabetics control blood sugar. According to the foreign media “Medical Xpress”, the study found that diabetic patients drink 1 cup 10 minutes before three meals. Beverages containing 15 grams of whey protein can reduce the 24-hour average blood sugar by about 10.8 mg/dl, and the blood sugar level is also within the normal range for 2 more hours per day.

In this study, led by Newcastle University (Newcastle University, UK), 18 participants drank whey protein 10 minutes before eating three meals without changing their lifestyle, eating habits, or medication. Albumin powder was given to participants in a form similar to instant coffee for 1 week.

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The study also conducted a placebo experiment with the same group of people. Participants were told to do a second experiment, but this time the whey protein was replaced with a placebo without any nutrients. After data comparison, it is proved that drinking whey protein before meals in diabetic patients can help control blood sugar. The study was published in BMJ Open, a journal of the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The research team believes that there are two reasons why whey protein is effective, one is to slow down the speed of food through the digestive system; the other is to stimulate a certain number of hormones to prevent high blood sugar.

The research team pointed out that most of the previous whey protein-related experiments were carried out in the laboratory, this is the first time in people’s daily life, and the compliance of the participants is quite high. In the future, they plan to scale up the experiment, extend the time to 6 months, and study whether other sources of protein, such as soy protein, are equally effective.

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